August Favorites

Bento photo with permission from Camille Oger.

Bento photo with permission from Camille Oger.

A few of my favorite finds and reads for August:

~ Food pic wars. Does this remind you of anyone you know?

~ 31 ways to use lemon peel, and I’ll add my own #32: roasted lemon zest powder.

~ Paris for kids: where to take them, what to feed them.

~ Singing in support of artisan milk producers.

~ Born again in a second language: about writing in a language not your own.

~ A fascinating look at how bento boxes are made.

~ I am coveting this coconut-shaped lamp.

~ Frederick Kaufman on the commoditization of food.

~ Is this the future of coffee shops? Reserved seats for non-laptop-using customers.

~ A good-looking loaf of bread baked 2000 years ago.

~ What do 200 calories look like?

~ Why we should all keep a spark file.

~ Using active verbs in recipes: what’s your preferred style?

  • Alexis @

    I laughed so hard at the food pic wars. I could totally see it happening.

    Loved the article on active verbs. I will definitely look more closely at what I use.

    • clotilde

      I will too!

  • Liz Thomas

    Those coconut lamps are expensive. Who ever is importing them must be making a fortune as they cost not much more than a few Euros in Thailand and they come in all sorts of designs. Really lovely — you’ll have to make a trip!

    • clotilde

      That’s so good to know, Liz, thank you. I’ve long wanted to travel to Thailand and this is just one more reason!

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