Help Plant Trees + Enter to Win A Reusable Shopping Bag

Today is the 39th edition of Earth Day, an international event created to celebrate that blue planet of ours, and raise awareness about environmental issues.

As I explained in this recent Q&A, I have grown more and more environmentally conscious over the past few years: without being completely obsessed with the topic, I do my best to educate myself, make informed choices, and limit the impact of my actions on the environment. I hope this reduce, reuse, recycle philosophy comes through year-round in my writing, and I wasn’t really planning anything specific to mark Earth Day on C&Z.

Ripple AfricaBut then Eva, the young co-founder of flip & tumble, the California company that makes the reusable shopping bags I use and love to use, contacted me about partnering to raise funds for Ripple Africa’s reforestation campaign in Malawi, and I said yes.

Here’s the deal: for every person who leaves a comment* at the bottom of this post, flip & tumble will fund the planting of a tree in one of the community nurseries that Ripple Africa is working to build, and I will match that donation with my own. So just go to the comment box, type “Plant trees for me!” (and whatever you want to add) and two trees will be planted.

Flip & TumbleIn addition to this, Eva is offering to give away ten reusable shopping bags, and I’ve decided to turn it into a little contest. I’d like to invite you to submit your best green tip — especially one that’s food- or cooking-related — through this form. I’ll pick my ten favorites, and their submitters will receive a bag each in the mail. You can participate regardless of where in the world you live — this is Earth day after all — but be sure to enter your email address correctly so I can contact you if you win.

You have until the very last seconds of April 22 — until midnight GMT-12, i.e. until 1pm Paris time on April 23 — to leave your tree-planting comment below and to submit your best green tip for a chance to win a lovely and handy reusable shopping bag.

Update: The comments and contest are now closed, and the results will be announced next week.

Thank you for participating!

* To prevent abuse, only one comment per IP address will be accepted.

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  • tian

    Plant trees for me!

    Spread the green love (:

  • Hannah Lister

    Plant trees for me please!
    When buying Basil plants from the supermarket make sure you don’t pick the top leaves, that way they will last for ages, and keep growing.

  • flamenco

    Plant trees for me!

  • Carrie

    Plant trees for me!

    Happy Earth Day!

  • Sas

    Plant trees for me!

    What a great way to “celebrate” Earth Day!

  • Plant trees for me too!

  • Carole

    Plant trees for me too :)
    What a nice idea!

  • Bentina

    Great idea! Plant trees for me too!

  • Yasmine

    Please plant a tree for me!

  • Great way to help, Clotilde! I re-tweeted you :) That’s two trees for me, thanks!!

    (PS: I love Flip & Tumble!)

  • Anna

    Plant trees for me as well!

  • zazie

    Plant trees for me!

    My Green Tip:
    Try to bring your own reusable silverware when you go out to eat or picnic. In Taiwan, you’ll see people carrying their own chopsticks anywhere. At least you know the utensils are clean and it lessens the amount of trash on Earth.

  • Francesca

    Please, plant trees for me too!

  • Plant trees for me…

  • Lovely – plant some trees for me :)

  • felix

    palnt trees for me!

  • drew foster

    Plant trees for me!

    I adore this site.

  • Joel

    Plant a tree for me.

    Shopping bags really are an easy symbolic start to a sustainable and conscious lifestyle. I am unfortunatelly appalled at the lack of acceptance of such a practice everytime I’m at the grocery store.

    Hopefully this blog entry convinces a few more readers to break out of lad bad habits.

  • Cindy

    Please plant trees for me, too. :-)

  • Plant a tree for me.

    Great idea and well done for taking the trouble.

  • Jantien

    Good idea, let’s plant a tree!

  • K. Hecht

    Plant trees for me!

    Green Tip: Plan your menus! The biggest waste of food is all the good stuff you end up throwing away.

  • Green

    Plant trees for me!

  • Nic

    Plant a tree for me !

    (what a great idea…)

  • This is a great idea, Clotilde. Please plant a tree for me too.

  • Gerda

    Plant trees for me, please! What a good and simple idea :)

  • Gina

    Plant trees for me!
    My super-easy green tip is just to compost! Egg shells, food scraps, banana peels… saves so much landfill space and good for the garden.

    Also just give up on paper towels. We don’t buy any in my flat (partly because we’re poor students), and I didn’t even notice for a while… cloths work just as well and produce so much less waste.
    Yay earth!

  • Oscar

    Plant trees for me!

  • How cool! Yes, I would be thrilled for a tree to be planted just because of this little comment.

    Happy Earth Day!

  • Plant trees for me!

    What a great idea. Happy Earth Day, all!

  • Rosie

    Plant trees for me!

    One of the joys of my present workplace is that even though it’s in London, there are plenty of trees around.

  • est

    plant a tree for me! thanks clotilde

  • Plant trees for me!

    What a good idea, this.

  • Betsy

    Glad to help trees getting planted! Happy Earth Day!

  • Caroline

    Plant trees for me!

    What a great idea! Reusable shopping bags are the best – stylish and utilitarian. Thanks for the great Earth Day effort!

  • G

    Plant trees for me!
    Part of living in Germany that I really appreciate is the ease of recycling, from green point to organic materials. It doesn’t quite make up for the bad food, but it helps:).

  • Mrs Redboots

    Plant trees for me, please!

  • zoe

    Plant trees for me – thank you!

  • kalisa

    a tree, please. plant one for me!

  • Katherine

    Plant a tree for me, too!

    …and I think I’ll buy one of those adorable bags, too.

  • Plant a tree for me!

    My favorite green eating tip is to use reusable napkins. Not only do they reduce waste, but they also make the meal feel fancier. :)

  • Inge

    Plant trees for me!

  • Syrahsuzie

    Plant trees for me!

    I will be planting a tree myself here in the Aude if it ever stops raining!

  • Emma

    plant trees for me! Thanks :)

  • bibliothecaire

    plant trees for me!

    I bring my own lunch to work in reusable containers, and bring my own silverware & plate from which to eat it also so that I can wash & reuse them.

  • Caitlin

    Plant trees for me!
    What an easy way to help make a difference.

  • Plant trees for me!

    Green tip: MAKE SOUP. There’s almost nothing that can’t be made into soup rather than being thrown out (unless it’s really mouldy or slimy). If you don’t want soup straight away, freeze it in single portion reusable containers.

  • sheila

    Plant trees for me!

  • Kathryn

    Trees rock! Wish I could plant one myself this year.

  • Laurence

    Plant trees for me!

  • alessia

    what a lovely idea! plant trees for me too!

  • kana

    please plant trees for me!
    Great generous idea.

  • Becky

    Plant me a tree too, please!

  • Tina

    plant a tree for me!

  • psn

    Plant trees for me, too!

  • Cat

    Plant a tree for me! Please!

  • Marci

    Please plant trees for me!

  • Yes, an order of Malawi trees for me too, fresh and green!
    That’s so great, Clotilde. You and Eva are doing something awesome.

  • Monica

    Plant trees for me!

    My favorite green food tip is to shop locally at my farmer’s markets. Not only does it save gasoline in transporting the fruits and veggies but most of it is organic, fresher, riper and more fully flavored and at the same or better prices than the local grocery stores. Plus it supports local farmers and organic farming in general.

    This is a great idea, thanks and Happy Earth Day to all!

  • Maggie

    Plant trees for me!

  • Camille

    Plant trees for me too!

    Congratulations for doing this.

  • Laura

    Plant trees for me!

  • Auntie M’ellen

    Thanks for planting trees for me!

    My tip, which can be applied to any place or situation: “Leave it better than you found it”

  • J Green

    Please plant a tree for me.

  • granuaile

    Plant trees for me!
    thank you!

  • alison

    Plant trees for me!

    Green tip:
    Eat more veggies (locally grown)! And when you prepare beets, don’t discard the greens – they’re the most nutritious part. Prevent the waste, and use them as you would spinach.

  • laura

    plant a tree for me…great idea!

  • Plant trees for me!

  • Beth

    Plant trees for me! What a fabulous idea. Thanks for offering this wonderful opportunity on Earth Day :-)

  • Nath

    Plant a tree for me. It’s a wonderful offer.

  • Gail

    As a Wisconsin girl(where Earth Day started) I have a special fondness for Earth Day. Plant a tree for me too!

  • Janel Callon

    Plant a tree for me!

    Thanks for doing this.

  • Rona Y

    Plant trees for me!

    If your community doesn’t recycle milk cartons, try using them as cutting boards. Just cut them so they’re flat, and use the inside as the cutting surface.

    I also reuse those styrofoam meat trays by portioning foods I want to freeze onto them. Once food is frozen, I remove it from the tray and vacuum pack it. Wash the trays very well before using, however, and spray with a mild bleach solution (and/or line with parchment, aluminum foil, or if you must, plastic wrap)!

  • Stephen

    Plant trees for me! Thanks!

    Green Tip:
    Bring your own Green Snacks! I buy a tub of organic oatmeal that I bring to work with me and I eat it for at least one snack a day. That’s one less plastic tub of yogurt, one less plastic spoon, one less plastic bag, one less banana that needs to be brought in from Brazil, etc. Sometimes I’ll have it as two snacks a day that means….
    (Also, tub of oatmeal = $4
    % 20 days of snacks = $0.20/day or yogurt + banana = $3 x 2/day = $6.00/day, easy savings!)

  • Autumn

    plant a tree for me!

  • Christine

    Plant trees for me!

  • Karen

    Please plant a tree for me!

    My best green tip? Start an allotment (you can share it with some friends if you don’t have enough spare time) and grow your own veggies! You can also use your balcony to plant things like tomaties and all kinds of herbs. This way, you don’t have to purchase everything in supermarkets etc., saving money and having lots of fresh produce!

  • plant a couple of trees for me too!

    as for the green tip: cook your pasta in souce (or in small quantity of water) instead of in litres of water – you’ll save a lot of energy that way, and pasta will be delicious!

  • msue

    Plant trees for me!!

    Beautiful ideas make for a beautiful planet :)

  • Plant a tree for me!

    At home, we always plant a summer garden to enjoy homefresh foods throughout the season.
    All waste is composted so that we can add it back into the Earth!
    I also strongly encourage friends to use the local markets that have just opened up for the season – local fresh produce – much better than the supermarket!

  • jonquil

    plant trees for me! thanks!!
    my best tip is to *remember the obvious*: turn off the lights when you leave the room, unplug chargers when not in use, radio or tv not both.

  • Jan

    Please plant a tree for me, too.

    By the time I had scrolled down to the bottom of the comments, “plant a tree” was so firmly embedded in my head that I will do it today.

    Thanks for a great site.

  • Jennifer

    Plant trees for me! How fabulous!

    And my newest green venture/tip is building a worm composter. We’re digging a bottom-less trash barrel a few inches into the ground, adding in some worms from the local fishing bait shop, and we put our kitchen scraps in there. The worms are supposed to eat up the garbage and make compost faster than regular composting methods would.

  • MCA

    Plant trees for me!

  • me

    I’ve never commented before but this seems like a good cause.. great blog, by the way.

  • Ariel

    Please plant a tree (or 2) for me! Thanks!

  • Sonja

    Please plant trees for me!

  • Plant trees for me! Thank you!

  • Please plant some trees for me!

    My tip: I have coffee every morning, but rather than buying a cup on my way to work, I make it and take it in a travel mug. I’m saving money and waste that way!

  • Carley

    Please plant a tree for me! Happy Earth Day!

  • E.

    Plant trees for me! Thanks Eva and Clotilde!

  • Ailbhe

    Plant a tree for me, please and thank you!

    Lovely idea

  • Plant trees for me! Thank you alerting us to this Clotilde.

  • Plant trees for me too!

  • Plant a tree for me. And one for my 17 months old daughter, Sarah.

  • Nicholas

    Thank you for the opportunity.

  • Sarah

    Plant a tree for me please! :)

  • Lisa

    More trees please!

  • Stephanie

    Plant trees for me!

  • What kind of tree (not that it matters, just a question)

  • Caroline

    Plant a tree for me – I’ll plant one at the local high school in your honor. The Garden Club is
    doing some clean up and planting
    this weekend.



  • Alexandra

    Plant trees for me! What a great way to celebrate Earth Day :)

  • Please plant a tree for me also. The forest will love you for it …

  • what a great idea – plant a tree for me. I submitted my green tip too – grow your own herbs and stop buying forced, plastic wraped, expensive ones from the supermarket. Recycle loo roll holders as seed trays.

  • Sadie Lewis

    What a lovely idea for Earth Day! Plant a tree for me too please. Thanks.

  • Heather

    Thank you for doing this! I really appreciate your contribution to Earth Day. :)

  • Louise

    I love trees – plant two for me!

  • Plant trees for me!
    Spring makes me happy, and I’d love to spread the just-blooming joy!

  • Plant trees for me !
    Happy Earth Day !

  • AM

    Plant trees for me too!

    Tip: Every six months or so, go a week or two without grocery shopping. This will force you to use up some of your pantry items that you *had* to have, but then languish, and eventually get old and need to be thrown out. No fair buying extra groceries before your use-it-up week(s).

  • Linda

    Wow! What a wonderful thing to do for Earth Day. Please plant a tree for me, too!

  • Plant a tree for me too!

  • Thank you all for your enthusiastic response!

    In response to Britt’s question above, the Ripple Africa website explains that they are “planting a combination of indigenous, exotic and fruit trees.”

  • Plant a tree for me!

    This spring, I have planted zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes, peppers, and herbs: this will let me avoid trucked-in produce for much of the summer.

  • John

    Plant trees for me!

  • Oooh, plant trees for me, too!

  • Lisa

    Plant some trees for me, too, please!

  • JacquiL

    Plant a tree for me. Happy Earth Day. :-)

  • what a lovely idea! please plant one for me too!

  • hoppzor

    tree? squeee!

  • step

    Plant a tree for me!

    Yay Earth!

  • Domniki

    Plant trees for me!
    Great initiative!

  • Laura

    Plant some trees for me! <3 Earth!

  • Ariel

    Wow, I’ve read for awhile without commenting, but this is wonderful and I had to. Plant a tree for me, please!

  • Carine

    Plant trees for me too.

  • Christine

    Yes! Please go ahead and plant a tree for me.

  • Sarah

    Plant trees for me!

  • Lacey

    Plant trees for me!

    My tip is this: When you buy in bulk at a store, bring your own jars or containers to put things like tea, honey, pasta, coffee, spices, etc. We re-use jelly jars and sauce jars. They also make great containers in which to store leftovers, travel food (like a picnic), or even dry goods.

    Thanks for doing this!

  • Lacey

    Plant trees for me!

    My tip is this: When you buy in bulk at a store, bring your own jars or containers to put things like tea, honey, pasta, coffee, spices, etc. We re-use jelly jars and sauce jars. They also make great containers in which to store leftovers, travel food (like a picnic), or even dry goods.

    Thanks for doing this!

    laceynwilliams at gmail dot com

  • Cecilia

    Plant a tree for me!

    I love this blog, but I have never commented before. This is the best possible reason to start!

  • How generous of you both!

    My green tips: buy groceries in quantities that you will use, without wasting food or resources, and shop for seasonal produce!

  • Katie

    Plant a tree for me!
    and thanks for posting all these awesome recipes; I keep checking back daily and am never disappointed. :)

  • Plant trees with me!

    Lets make this planet a better place for the future generations!

  • Plant trees for me, please!

    For those of us who are meat-eaters, I recommend making a commitment to eating meat at only one meal per day at the most. That way you can practice making some yummy vegetarian meals (and cooking with inexpensive proteins like beans and tofu), and you can feel good about spending more money on locally and humanely-raised meats, since you’ll be eating less of them.

  • Catherine

    Plant trees for me!

    Happy Earth Day!

  • Kathy

    Plant Trees For Me!!!!

    We need the green for oxygen to breathe and shade and beauty!!!

  • Vidya

    I’m a regular reader but this is the first time I’ve commented. Trees are a good enough motivation to comment.

  • trees please! what a great idea!

  • Plant a tree for me.

    And save random food bags (chips? flour? cereal box liners?) for the used cat litter, since you’re no longer getting plastic grocery bags.

  • franko

    plant trees for me!

    and if i happen to win, i already have some reusable bags(hand-made), so please give my bags to the person in second place. : )

  • Plant trees for me too!

  • Plant trees for me

    Thanks so much!

  • Liz – aka Nutty Gnome

    Yeah – plant a tree foe me please!

    My green tip: walk into town, use the local market instead of the huge conglomerate supermarkets and only buy what’s in season – but grow as much of your own food as you can. (I don’t always succeed in this…but I do TRY!)

  • Kat Currier

    Plant a tree for me! Thanks!

  • plant trees for me!

    I eat quite a bit of chobani yogurt and what I do is I don’t throw away the container I use them to store small left overs or I use to to put my snacks! They are so durable!

  • plant trees for me!

    I eat quite a bit of chobani yogurt and what I do is I don’t throw away the container I use them to store small left overs or I use to to put my snacks! They are so durable!

  • Rachel Joseph

    Plant trees for me! Pretty please!!

  • sybil Margaritis

    Please plant trees for me.

  • Trees are great! My husband & I planted trees instead of giving wedding favours – and on our 1st anniversary we visited some of “our” trees.

    My green tip – sign up to your local Community Supported Agriculture scheme. You’ll be helping small (and often organic) farmers survive, and you’ll get fresh, tasty food – with no supermarket profit margin attached!

  • Joe Borlee

    Plant a tree for the world because we need them.
    Joe Borlee

  • Plant trees for me (but really for the future generations)

  • Linda

    Please plant a tree for me!

  • Jen

    Plant a tree for me too please!

    Green tip:
    Find a local farm & purchase a share! Not only will you be supporting local business and sustainable living, every week you’ll have new varieties of the very freshest fruits & veggies to cook with!

  • Thank you for planting trees! Happy Earth Day!

  • I LOVE those bags and was actually thinking about doing a giveaway for them on my blog next week. Seriously, some of those reusable bags can be so ugly and uncomfy, but theses ones are amazing. My best green tip is definitely to use those bags. I’m at the grocery store basically non-stop, so I feel like I’m doing my part in bringing my own bags!

  • Jennifer

    Plant trees for me!

    Happy Earth Day!

  • Sangeetha Sarma

    Plant trees for me, please!
    Here’s a little water-saving and nutrient-gaining tip. When you steam vegetables or soak beans and lentils, don’t drain the water. Reuse the water. With the beans and lentils you can use it as cooking liquid and with the vegetables, you can use it make light broths or use in soups. This way you don’t waste water and you retain all the nutrients in the food.

  • Sibora

    When buying kitchen gadgets and appliances, look for ones that can be used for more than one purpose. At times this requires creativity on the many uses of any single kitchen tools… maybe this can also a be a blog topic :)

  • Mary

    This is an excellent idea – thanks for planting a tree for me!

    A tip I just learned this morning : Reduce our consumption of red meat! A recent Japanese study in the Animal Science Journal found that the greenhouse gases generated in the production of a kilogram of beef were roughly equivalent to the environmental impact of driving for three hours and leaving all the lights on at home. And of course all the other personal health benefits of limiting red meat in our diets.

  • Claire

    Plant trees for me!

  • Erin

    “Plant trees for me!” What a great project!

  • what a great idea … please plant a tree for me!

  • Victoria

    Plant trees for me!
    I like trees :)

  • Colin

    Plant trees for me!

    (This is an awesome idea; thanks to both of you!)

  • Susan

    Plant trees for me! Thanks, great idea!!

  • Amy

    Hi! Please plant a tree for me as well. Thank you :)

  • Jennifer H

    Please plant a tree for me!

    My tip: try to make as many of your cleaning products as possible! I recently decided to make my own cleaner for wood floors- vinegar + water + a few drops of essential oils. :)

  • Meg

    Plant trees for me!
    This is great!

    Come the first taste of spring I bike/walk everywhere NEVER drive. Only get the things i need! Less waste, more activity and using the planet in the way it is meant to be used! :) One world. ROck on Mother Earth!

  • Plant a tree for me, please, and thank you for this Earth Day, and thanks to our Mother Earth.

  • Arianna

    Plant lots of trees!

  • Daniel

    Plant trees for me, and thanks for doing this!

  • Plant a tree for me please!!! My kids and I are planting basil, cucumber, tomatoes, corn, peas and dill this year.

    Happy Earth Day!

  • Jess

    Plant a Tree for me! Thanks so much!!!

  • Rosemary

    More Trees Please!

  • Melina

    Plant trees for me!
    Happy Earth Day!

  • Plant a tree for me too!

    My tip: when I use the oven, I try to maximize its energy use by cooking more than one thing. I’ll throw a foil-wrapped head of garlic in to roast or a couple or potatoes for another time. This saves energy (and time later!)

  • KLM

    What a great idea. Please plant some trees for me, as well.

    And thank you for doing this!

  • dema

    Plant trees for me!

    What a wonderful thing for you, and flip & tumble, to do!

  • I would take a tree planted in Malawi.
    My favorite green advice is to simply grow a vegetable garden and don’t let the produce go to waste. Roll up your sleeves and preserve them by canning and freezing (there are tons of tutorials and instructions online that are easy to follow) or simply share with neighbors and charitable food organizations! My second favorite is taking reusable dishes camping instead of disposable. Heating dishwater on the fire & drying dishes in fresh, warm sunshine is such a satisfying feeling!

  • julie

    fantastic idea, please plant trees for me!

  • Mandy

    plant trees for me!!

  • t.r. wexler

    This is brilliant!

  • Jillian

    Plant trees for me!

  • Megan

    I think this is lovely…

    Please plant trees for me :)


  • Plants trees for me! Love this idea- Happy Earth Day!

  • Kate

    Plant a tree for me! I compost my vegetable scraps, and zest and dry or freeze my citrus peels to use in future recipes. Keep your chicken carcasses and make stock, then pick the meat off to use in soup or pot pies.

  • Melissa

    Plant some trees for me too.

  • Norah P

    Please plant a tree for me too.

    My green tip: If you are planning on boiling something in a pot on the stove (eg pasta), heat the water in a kettle first as this uses less energy.

  • Wyn

    Plant trees for me, please!!

    Merci Clotilde, et bonne chance!

  • Plant trees for me!

    Thank you for your initiative!

    My tip:
    Stop buying plastic wrapped cheese. Bring your own container or have them wrap it in waxed or parchment paper – if they don’t have that, ask for it, so they know you do care! The organic supermarket in my neighborhood recently has changed from fake (plastic-foil lined) paper to real waxed paper (which, btw, feels lovely when you deal with it).
    Another aspect of plastic wrapped cheese: research has shown that plasticizers can leach into food on contact – especially food with a high fat content – and can mimic or interfere with hormones in your body (see this article).

  • Kathryn

    plant trees for me!

  • Plant a tree for me.

    This is absolutely incredible. The company I work for is also doing something for Earth Day. Save a tree and 40% off our ebooks (for those interested in Web Development).

    Thank you again for doing this!

  • Kelly Brantley

    What a great idea. Me too, plant a tree!

  • Nicole M

    Plant a tree for me!

    Tip: when we get down to little bits of various ingredients I challenge my husband Iron Chef style to turn them into a meal. Waste not, want not!

  • Hi
    Please plant a tree for me !
    Very, very great idea thanks for that ! And happy Earth Day ^_^

  • Plant trees for me! Great idea. Thanks as always for your inspiring blog.

  • vickie

    we really should all pay attention not only to what chemicals are in our food but also what chemicals we put ON our bodies with beaty products….GO GREEN

  • Kate

    My favorite way to be eco-friendly in the kitchen is to save all possible packaging: deli containers, produce bags, twist ties, etc. Even the ziploc holding tortillas isn’t safe. I use them to store leftovers or to take lunch to work, or just to send home full of food with family and friends. I never would have guessed how handy that cupboard of reused packaging could be.

    Oh, and plant a tree for me.

  • Please plant a tree for me!!!! :)

  • Annie

    Plant trees for me!

    What a very good partnership. Great idea and thank you for doing this!

  • Carole

    Plant a tree for me!

  • Heather

    What a wonderful idea! Please plant a tree for me.

  • Yay! Plant a tree for me! I grew up recycling, and now I’m married to a soon-to-graduate landscape architecture student, and he’s learned, over 5 years, much more about taking care of the environment. One earth-friendly idea (I got from the NY Times) is to not pre-boil pasta water. Put your pasta in the pot, fill to cover just a little over the pasta, then boil. We tried it and not only does the pasta come out fine, but you save water, some energy, and you have this fantastic thick pasta water that makes sauces creamier. yum!

  • scaaty

    Plant trees for me!

  • christine

    Plant trees for me! What a great project – thank you Flip and Tumble. My tip is to keep your reuseable grocery bags where ever they will be used again (in your car, on your bike, etc.)

  • Libby

    Plant trees for me!! How wonderful!

    (I’ve been a lurker for years and I adore your blog and book!)

  • meg

    Please plant a tree for me!
    We like to turn over-the-hill apples, the ones that are getting a little soft and wrinkly, into applesauce – quarter and cook with about an inch of water in a saucepan until soft, run through a food mill to puree and get rid of skins and seeds. If you don’t sweeten it, it makes great baby food and oatmeal toppings and keeps the fruit from going to waste because you were a slacker about eating them.

  • Kate

    Plant Trees for Me!

    No revolutionary tips, but I am deployed in Iraq and realize first hand how precious water is. Turn off that faucet while brushing your teeth!

  • Truc


  • Ashley Phillips


  • Emily

    Plant me some trees!

  • sillygirl

    More trees – yes!
    My green tip – I talk with people when I’m buying what’s on sale in the produce aisle – share recipes I’m going to make and ask them what they’re going to cook – then we both have multiple recipes to not waste what we bought. Sometimes people are throwing away the best parts!

  • carolyn

    Plant trees for me too!

  • Kay

    Please plant a tree for me! Here in Alaska the developers first cut down all the trees, then build on plain earth, landslides to come…..
    Plant trees!!

  • Katie

    Plant trees for me!

  • KT

    Plant trees for me!

    Many people are recommending carrying your own reusable silverware for lunches, takeout, etc. I got a set of To-Go Ware for Christmas this year, and it’s been the best.

  • Steve Barron

    Plant trees for me!

  • Barbara

    I love trees – I say please plant them for all of our sakes!

    Merci, Clotilde!

  • Plants trees for me!

    What a great idea.

  • Deborah Sampson

    Plant trees for me, please!
    My tip is to put little notes on my car door, house door, etc. reminding me to take my reusable bags with me to the store. I find it is one thing to have the bags, another to remember to use them!

  • Hannah

    Plant a tree for me! It’s still Earth Day in North America. I’ve loved Earth Day, even before it became my daughter’s birthday. In addition to all the wonderful green tips already posted, I’ll add one about laundry. If you don’t have the space to air dry outdoors (or if you have asthma and need to avoid pollen), get a wooden, collapsible rack for indoor use. You can finish with a few minutes in the dryer to fluff out your clothes and you save on electricity. Also, washing in cold water is fine for all but the most oily of stains.

  • Tara

    Please plant trees for me.

  • i love this…
    plant a tree for me!
    green tip: use eco-friendly cleaning products. they may be a bit more expensive -i get them when they go on sale- but they’re so much better for the environment… and you! and don’t forget you can clean almost everything very efficiently with vinegar. (mix vinegar and water in a spray bottle.) bonus: use clean rags instead of paper towels.

  • Plant trees for me too, please!

    My green tip? Worms eat most of my kitchen garbage – vermicomposting, baby.

    Also, I am currently blowing my nose in cloth handkerchiefs. No more disgusting than paper ones, but much more reusable.

  • hSara

    Plant a tree for me

    Great idea.

  • Audrey

    Plant trees for me!
    Here’s a green tip from Brooklyn: second hand is just as good as new!

  • Sharon

    Plant trees for me!!

    Recycling is great – but don’t forget the other 2 Rs:

    Reduce and Re-use, people!!

    Happy Earth Day…lets make every day Earth Day.

  • David

    Plants trees for me!

  • cariden

    plant a tree for me!

    green tip: ice cube trays are great for freezing leftover ingredients (e.g., when a recipe calls for yolks, you can freeze the whites; leftover wine)… those components always come up again in other recipes, and then you have them ready to go!

  • Plant trees for me! :)

  • Grant

    I hope my tree is a fruit tree.

  • Irina

    Plant trees for me!

    From what I know, dish washing machines are more green because they consume less water, energy and soap, so buy one (no, i don’t sell dishwashers :) ). In fact I am really curious if this is the case.

  • happy earth day! this is great…plant some trees for me too!

  • Angelina

    plant trees for me too!

  • Plant trees for me! When I die, that is what I my funeral program to say!!

  • andi orourke

    Plant a tree for me please!

    my favorite green foodie tip is to have a functional garden space to grow fresh herbs, veggies or even fruits. I live in a house with my american parents who will NOT! have part of their yard dug up for a garden, so I went to home depot and bought large planters and seeds, as well as a few cherry tomato bushes. i can’t wait to be able to make fresh caprese salads in july!

  • Alice

    Plant trees for me!!!
    Happy Earth Day, Clotilde, and great job!

  • katherine

    Plant trees for me!

  • Plant trees for me, too!

    My favorite tip isn’t necessarily food-related, but it’s made from items you should already have in your panty. Almost all of my cleaning products are homemade with baking soda, white vinegar, borax and/or castille soap. All these things are environmentally friendly, as well as pet- and person-friendly! And all my cleaners are easy to make – and safe around food!

  • Addi

    Plant a tree for me!

  • Jenni

    Yay trees!

    For me the best way to stay green when cooking is to plan ahead. By checking the website of my local farmer’s market and grocery store I can plan meals for 1-2 weeks based on who will be at the farmer’s market and then supplement the rest at the grocery store. This helps me get the majority of my meal ingredients from local farmers and the planning helps cut down on extra trips to the store and having to throw out rotten food.

  • Jen

    Lovely, plant trees for me!

  • Addi

    Green Tip. Bring your own leftover container to the restaurant and pack your take-home portion in your reusable container. It’s one less piece of styrofoam or paperboard to carry. Plus, they’re less likely to leak.

  • Annanas

    Plant trees for me!! Everywhere! Not just Africa! There are loads of places on earth that really need them.

  • jae_em

    Plant trees for me!

  • trees trees trees!

  • Plant trees for me, please!

    What a lovely idea, Eva and Clotilde. Thank you!

  • Rose

    Plant a tree for me!

    Instead of bringing lunch in plastic ziplocs, etc., make your own sandwich wrap like this:

  • Andrew

    Please plant trees on my behalf!

    As far as environmental tips: Obviously, composting is awesome, but hard to do unless you are so lucky as to have a backyard. However, even urban environmentalists can responsibly dispose of veggie scraps by adopting a few hundred worms and stashing them under the kitchen sink! You give them a bed of wet newspaper, feed them your peels and cores, and they give you rich, fertile compost. Check it out!

  • Denise

    Please plant trees for me & happy earth day.
    I juice lemons by hand, so they’re never completely spent when I’m done. I use that spent lemon and some kosher salt to clean either the cutting board or the sink.

  • Please plant a tree for me, too! Great idea!

  • xinelok

    Plant Trees for me!

    Thanks for doing this, it’s a great idea to help out our dear earth.

  • Alexis

    Plant trees for me, please!

  • MJ

    Plant trees for me!
    My Green Tip: Grow leaf lettuce on your windowsill. You can pick the outside leaves whenever you want some salad. The leaves are so tender this way and there is no waste from forgotten heads of lettuce.

  • Laura

    Plant a tree please!

  • Laura

    Plant a tree for me!
    Happy Earth Day

  • kira

    More Trees!

  • Erin

    Plant two more trees for me, please! :-)

  • caroline

    Plant trees for me! :)

  • Jlhpisces

    Plant a tree for me!!

  • Plant trees for me!

    Terrific idea for Earth day!

  • Jenn

    Plant a tree for me!

    My green tip:
    Newspapers! Recycle them or, use them around your home to:
    -deodorize food containers! No chemicals needed, just stuff a ball of it in and leave it overnight. In the morning all unpleasant smells will be gone.
    – line the bottom of your fruit and veggie bins in the fridge with newspaper to absorb excess moisture and odors.
    – when you clean your mirrors with vinegar (because you are, right??) wipe them clean with newspaper for a totally streak free shine.

  • carrie

    Plant trees for me!How great!

  • plant trees for me!

  • Matt

    Plant trees for me!

    Thanks for your generosity, Clotilde and Eva.

    My green tip is to date an Ecology Ph.D student, but you can’t have mine! She also does yarncraft, and is inspired when it comes to making little household things that you can then reuse rather than throw away. Dish towels, Swiffer covers…you name it. I’m sure some creative googling will find great patterns.

  • stacy

    I just found your blog, and it’s wonderful! I also love what you are doing for earth day. Yay for trees!

  • Jessica

    Please plant a tree for me!

    My tip is to reuse your glass jars. Recycling them is great but you can also use them to store bulk rice or to even plant herbs in. This way, you don’t have to buy the plastic bins or planters from the store.


  • Anne

    Plant a tree for me, please!

    Green tip: Reuse your egg cartons. Find a store that sells eggs individually and keep your one egg carton and refill it.

  • Jennifer

    Plant a tree for me aussi!

    My green tip – at the market, I avoid using individual plastic bags for fruit/veggies unless absolutely necessary. And I reuse glass jars (from jams, tomato sauces when I’m too lazy to make my own, etc) to store bulk products – which has the added benefit of making my pantry look a touch more organized.

  • Plant trees for me!

    Happy Earth day!

  • Plant trees for me!!

    My green tip: re-use everything. I wash and save jars as storage containers, I wash plastic ziplock bags to re-use etc…. I’ve done it forever- it’s what my grandma always did!!

  • Lija

    Plant trees for me, please!

    The top 3 eco tips everyone can do:
    1) eat less meat
    2) drive less
    3) wash your clothes in cold water

  • zoe

    plant trees for me :)

  • Alyssa

    Plant trees for me!

  • Plant trees for me!!! Happy Earth Day all!

  • Christi

    Plant trees for me!

  • Andrea

    Plant trees for me!
    I’ve been using reusable shopping bags for quite some time. For groceries and for other shopping. More people need to get on the bandwagon!

  • Stephanie

    Please plant trees for me!

    Brilliant idea, and Happy Earth Day :)

  • eg

    Plant trees for me, please!

  • Michelle

    Yay for trees! Plant one for me :)

  • Christine C.

    Plant trees for me!

  • Plant Trees for Me!

    Wow – thanks! This is very generous of both of you and I really appreciate it

  • Plant trees for me! It’s still too frozen here for planting anything.

  • Monique

    Exciting initiative!
    Please, plant a tree for me :)

  • Raluca

    Plant trees for me too! :)

    I advocate eating less meat especially beef. Cows in the US are raised on corn rather than grass which results in unhealthy cows and consumers. In addition, their waste is not used on farmland as it has been for centuries but ends up polluting the planet. Make beef a special treat and buy beef from grass fed cows that are treated humanely.

  • Karen

    Plant some trees please :-)

  • Audrey

    Plant a tree for me, please!

  • Carrie

    Plant a tree for me!
    Here are two Earth friendly tips:
    1. Use the slow cooker, for less energy use, at least once a week. In a Texas summer, this really keeps the a/c from working overtime.
    2. Share strawberry tops and celery leaves with your dog for a yummy treat and less waste.

  • Sophie

    Plant trees for me!

    Thank you.

  • Martha

    Please plant a tree for me!

    I love this blog, and the recipes. Everything I’ve made from here has been delicious! Love being able to read the French version, too.

  • Lauren

    Plant Trees for me!

  • ang

    plant trees for me!

  • Pam

    Plant trees fr me!

    I agree with the turning off water when you aren’t using it (for brushing teeth, filling pots/coffee makers or whatever)and would add to not buy so many pre-portioned products – individual disposable serving cups of pudding/applesauce/yogurt/juice may be handy but they are more expensive and create more waste! Get (or save!) resuable containers in sizes you like and portion out of a large container!

  • Dave

    Plant a tree for moi, SVP!

  • Plant trees for me!

    What a lovely idea.

  • Nan

    Plant trees for me!

  • Krista

    plant trees for me

  • Plant trees for me!
    When buying take out food. Take a Tupperware and ask them to package it in your reusable container.

  • Meredith

    Hurray for trees!

  • Elise

    Plant trees for me!

  • Amie

    Plant trees for me, please!

    Nice! :)

  • hazel

    What a great idea – and another reason to love this blog. Cheers, Clotilde!

  • MzTallulah

    Plant a tree for me please!
    My tip – I have to confess I stole this from someone else’s blog some time ago – is to save veggie trimmings (and peelings if using organic) and freeze them; when you have a large quantity, throw them in a pot and make stock with them. It’s healthier than cubes, and tastes great too.

  • eli

    Plant trees for me

  • Plant trees for me! And for everyone! Thanks for doing this.

  • Thank you!

    Tip: Make sure to keep some reusable shopping bags in the trunk of your car. Thay way, you won’t have to use paper bags during impromptu trips to the grocery store.

  • Elizabeth

    Plant trees for me!!

    Green idea: instead of buying new garden supplies (pots, tables, benches etc.) I have re-purposed and fixed broken and abandoned objects from around my apartment complex. (obviously nothing owned by anyone!)

  • Alison

    Deux arbres, SVP!

    Happy Earth Day, everyone!

  • Stefanie

    Plant a tree for me!!

  • sophie

    i’d love two trees planted for me.

  • For I am the Lorax, I speak for the trees…

    Plants trees for me!


  • E. Prince

    Plant trees for me!

    My best green tip: At the end of the week I take all the leftover vegetables, chop them up, add some eggs and make a frittata!

  • Please plant a tree!

  • mirabelle

    Plant a FOREST for me! :)

    My tips (nothing revolutionary): leftover cold water from the tea kettle waters my indoor herb garden which I then use in my cooking; take all vegetable bags/grocery bags to the market with me; saving vegetable scraps in the freezer to make stock when I have enough.

  • Anna

    Plant a tree for me please! :)
    What a great idea this is! Love your blog and your books, Clotilde!

  • Kayleigh

    Plant trees for me!

    I have an eco-boner for ya ;)

  • rjh

    Sure, plant trees for me.

    Another saving idea (earth and money) is organizing an effective pantry storage area so that you can buy in larger quantities without wasting food through loss in storage. This means both visibility, so that you know what you have and how old it is, and proper storage containers. Then buy in appropriate bulk.

  • Florence

    Plant trees for me please!

  • Plant trees for me!

  • Vanessa

    Plant trees for me!!

  • Plant a tree for me, please!

  • Julie

    Plant a tree for me!

  • Rachel

    Plant some trees for me! Happy Earth Day!

  • Jen

    Plant trees for me, please!

  • mary

    thank you for planting a tree for me!

  • Vasudha

    Do plant trees for me! (I’m doing some planting of my own..)

    A general green tip: keep a couple of reusable shopping bags in your car (or office or wherever else you tend to be when you tend to remember things you need to buy; my backpack has an extra shopping bag in it). It makes it easier to buy what you need on the way without either using a disposable bag or making a second trip.

  • Samantha

    Plant a tree for me! Tip: to save energy plant trees near your house to shade it as they get larger, this way you won’t need to AC in the summer as much and you can put birdhouses and feeders to create more habitat for your local fauna!

  • Awesome!!

    Please, plant a tree for me!!

    Happy Earth Day and thanks.

  • margie stroman

    Plant a tree for me!

  • Sara

    Plant trees for me! Merci!

  • Plant trees for me,
    Oak, magnolia cherry

    A king of trees,
    A chandelier of flowers
    A burst of bright blossom

    One for squirrels,
    One for the faeries
    One for the birds

  • payal

    Plant a tree for me!! Thanks:)

  • Plant trees for me!

    My green tip – keep a pitcher/bowl by the sink to catch the water you use to rinse vegetables, etc. That water can then go to watering your plants, garden, etc.

  • Caitlin H.

    Plant trees for me! Thank you.

  • Plant a tree for me! Great idea!

  • Plant a tree for me.

    Green Tip: Join a CSA. Community Supported Agriculture is not only good for the environment and your local economy, but its good for the waistline. It brings local, seasonal organic foods right to you for a reasonable price.

  • Wendy

    Please plant a tree or two for me!

    Also, my green tip: When apples, pears, bananas or other fruits get bruised or too soft or are just not quite acceptable enough to eat out of hand but are still good and nutritious, cut them up and freeze them. Then toss a handful of frozen fruit in with milk or yogurt, juice, a sprinkle of shredded coconut and some mint and you’ve got a creamy, good-for-you smoothy. And you didn’t waste that mushy-looking fruit. :-)

  • Jessica

    Plant trees for me!

  • Green tip: Check air pressure in your tires regularly to save fuel.

    Thanks for the trees :)

  • Kristi

    Plant trees for me! Happy Earth Day!

  • patrick

    Plant trees for me, please!

    Happy Earth day!

  • Plant one for me too!

  • Daniel

    Plant trees for me!

    Happy Earth Day!

  • Melissa

    Plant a tree for me!

    My tip: I save all vegetable scraps in my freezer (tops of carrots; green parts of leeks, etc.) and then use them to make stock. I cut down on garbage AND don’t have to buy canned stock at the store!

  • Alice

    Please plant a tree for me!

    Green tip: As simple as: Don’t buy any new food today. Use leftover crisper vegees and find other goods from your pantry that you may not have otherwise used (for me: leftover kale and polenta).

  • Green Tip:

    Join a local CSA (community supported agriculture) so that you eat locally and stop buying things that are shipped half way around the globe.

    Plant an herb garden so you don’t have to spend $5 on herbs packaged in plastic at the grocery store.

  • Kira

    I love trees!
    Happy Earth Day!

  • Emma

    Please plant trees for me!

  • Joe

    Get a couple in the ground for me as well. Thanks!

  • Zeb

    Merci, Clotilde! Plant a tree for me and my family!

    (My son was born on Earth Day – he’s 3 today!)

  • David

    Plant Trees for Me

    Green tips: 1) buy local foods 2) Walk, bike, or ride public transit on your trips 3) Do activities that require no electronics (wink wink)

  • Plant trees for me!

  • Bridget

    Plant some trees for me!

  • mandy

    Hey, a C&Z forest! How lovely!

  • Ariel

    Please plant trees for me!

    Thank you and Happy Earth Day! :)

  • Sarah

    Plant trees for me!

    I love Flip and Tumble bags. I bring them everywhere; they’re so easy to open and close when I need them. No hassles of folding them neatly! (And I’m not just saying this because of the contest.)

  • Michelle

    “Plant trees for me!”

  • tabcat

    Plant a tree for me please!

    Thank you!

  • Plant trees for me!

    I don’t do it here, because I don’t have a garden, but we used to save all our scraps of food and compost them. We also used to save our dishwater in buckets during the summer and use it to water the garden. This saved water and the food particles in the water also worked as a type of fertilizer. Soap doesn’t hurt plants either.

  • Marlys

    Thanks for planting trees! Here is some Kipling that I thought was appropriate:

    Oak and ash and thorn
    All on a midsummer’s morn
    Surely we sing of no little thing
    In oak and ash and thorn

  • You&Me!

    Thank you so much for planting a tree for me!! Smooches for the WHOLE WORLD on Earth Day!

  • Elizabeth Smith

    Plant trees for me please!!! Happy Earth Day!

  • Suzanne

    Plant trees for me!

    Green tip: Start composting! It’s easy!

  • Dawndoll

    HI! What a brilliant idea – plant two trees for me, too! I’m submitting my green ideas too! :)

  • Meera

    Plant trees for me!

    My green tip:
    Keep only one garbage receptacle in your kitchen, and make it as small as possible (similar to what you’d keep in your bathroom). The small trashcan size will force you to throw less away (because who wants to empty the trash several times a day?) and in turn you’ll be encouraged to generate less waste in the kitchen!

  • Sophie

    Plant trees for me!

    I love your blog; C and Z is what got me interested in the whole foodie/food-blogosphere in the first place. Keep up the great work and Happy Earth Day!

  • Plant a tree for me!

    Tip: Don’t throw away leftover edible scraps. Keep them in a bowl in the refrigerator or freezer then challenge yourself to use them (i.e. veg scraps for stocks, salads, soups, stir-fry, etc.).

  • Please plant a tree for me!

    Tip: When cooking for 1-2, use a toaster oven instead of a conventional oven. The compact space requires less energy to heat.

  • kelly

    Plant trees for me!

  • C

    Tip: My favorite way to reuse without spending any additional money is to reuse the containers that some of my food products already come in. For exampe once I go through a large container of yogurt, rather than recycling the container, I wash and reuse it for future use. It saves me from buying new tupperware and I hardly ever worry about losing it or getting it mixed up at work. Futher, if you have friends over, you can just send them home with your leftovers in some of these containers without having to go to the trouble of getting your containers back. Its helpful also in determining how much of an item you may have as the manufacturer often lists the capacity of the container on the side.

  • Shal

    Plant trees for me!

  • Plant a tree for me in Malawi and hope that Africa’s future is less tragic than its past and present.

  • babette

    plant a tree for me too please!

  • Christine

    Plant trees for me, please!

    Green tip – In the winter: after using the oven, keep the door open to warm your house. I often put my wet dishtowels over the oven door to dry.

  • Plant a tree for me, too!

    I try to pay attention to the amount of phosphates in my detergents – especially in things like dishwashing soap, etc., that are used often in my house. By using a low- or no-phosphate detergent, I’m lessening the amount of phosphates getting into our water systems.

  • What a great initiative!

    Plant trees for me!

  • L.Huang

    plant trees for me!

  • Kim

    Yay! Plant a tree for me!

    Tip: Use a pressure cooker for beans and stews. It cuts down on electricity usage by shortening cooking time and keeps the kitchen cooler which means you’re using less electricity if the a/c is on. Plus it means that you can get dried beans instead of canned which cuts down on packaging and other stuff from the manufacturing process.

  • J. C.

    Wonderful what you are doing. Plant trees, plant trees!

  • Christina

    Please plant trees for me! And if you can, please also plant trees in honor of my sister, a Peace Corps volunteer in Malawi!

  • Charlotte

    Trees please!

    Here’s to hoping this doesn’t leave you bankrupt!

  • maureen

    plant trees for me too please! thanks for doing this!

  • Helena

    Plant trees for me, please!

  • Sara

    Please Plant trees for me!

  • Meri

    Plant a tree for me, too!

    Green in the kitchen is the same as anywhere else: reduce, reuse, recycle. Avoid waste! Reduce what you throw out. Reuse cloth napkins, dishcloths, towels (never paper!) Eat local, seasonal food.

    And my -favorite- ‘green tip’ in the kitchen: use your hands. Leave the food processor alone; use a knife. Use a whisk, not a mixer. Let your food prep be slower, but more hands-on, and more satisfying.

  • Hi!
    Please plant a tree for me!

    Also, you wrote “I have grown more and more environmentally conscious over the past few years: without being completely obsessed with the topic, I do my best to educate myself, make informed choices, and limit the impact of my actions on the environment”


    Thank you for doing this.

  • christine

    plant trees for me, fab idea for a great day.
    thanks for doing this


  • Carrie

    I love your blog and I would love a tree!

  • Stacy

    I like trees!

  • Rachel

    Plant trees for me!

  • Kiwi Carlisle

    I know people who have a lot of reusable shopping bags but who never USE them because they don’t have them with them when they shop. I keep a small one in my purse and work bag at all times. When I unload my groceries, I take the bags and put them by my front door immediately so that I have to pass in order to open my front door. That way I’m sure to put them in my car.

  • Zoe

    Mmm, trees. Can we specify the type of tree? I love birch trees.

  • Robin

    Plant a tree for my please!

    My tips:

    1) My husband and I take our lunches to work each day but never in a sack! We use re-usable containers from home and carry them back and forth in a lunchbox (him) or a tote (me).

    2) When I clean out my fish bowl, I use the water for my plants! Full of good things for the plant and no water down the drain.

  • Emily

    Plant Trees For Me!

  • haley

    Please plant a couple trees for me!

  • Priscilla

    Yea! Please plant a tree for me.

    My green tip is: ride your bike to work! Save on gas, cut down emissions, get some exercise, and enjoy the sunshine!!

  • Helen

    Please plant trees for me! Great idea & thanks for keeping us entertained & inspired, love your blog!

  • Allison

    Plant trees for me! :)

  • K

    Plant trees for me!

  • Ally

    Trees please.

  • Katie

    Plant trees for me!

    Don’t get discouraged,
    remember that becoming an environmentally conscious consumer involves making a lot of small lifestyle changes over time.
    eventually it will come naturally.

  • Halyna

    Plant trees for me!

    In addition to the one that’s going to be planted in our yard today :)

    Happy Earth Day!

  • Monica

    Plant trees for me!

    My green tip is the power of lemons in cleaning your kitchen without harsh chemicals. Cut a lemon in half and place it in a bowl of water. Put it in the microwave for 5 minutes. The steam loosens any stuck on food and the lemon gets rid of the smells. Wipe with a wet cloth and you’re done. Cut a lemon in half and put both halves in the garbage disposal and run it. The lemon cleans the disposal and, again, gets rid of odors. Cut a lemon in half and dip the cut side in baking soda, use it to scrub your countertops. Wipe with a wet cloth and let air dry.

    I could go on and on, there are so many easy, natural and cheap alternatives to traditional cleaning products. Don’t even get me started on the uses of vinegar. :)

  • Please, plant trees for me too!
    This is a very noble idea. Thank you very much!

  • mackenzie

    Plant trees for me!

    Cook big dinners, so you can have leftovers for lunch the next day. You get a yummy lunch, plus the packaging (i.e. your tupperware) is reusable!

  • Ursula

    Merci for doing this!

    My tips (sorry, couldn’t stick to one!):
    – Simply don’t buy plastic ziplock bags. Invest in a few reusable fabric bags ( has great options if you search under snack bags or reusable bags); save glass jars to use for food storage; buy reusable lunch boxes for food to go ….
    – Buy some large muslin type dishcloths, cut them in 4 & hem (I used a quick zigzag stitch) to make inexpensive reusable napkins. Make a lot so that you can throw a handful in the wash every day and not run out until laundry day.
    – Use a spritz bottle of hydrogen peroxide to disinfect sink & kitchen counters; it’s cheap and kills germs but doesn’t harm the environment like chlorine bleach.
    – Mix 1/4 C of glycerine, 1/4C of vegetable-based laundry soap, and 2C of water to make a very effective stain remover. Neat glycerine does a great job of removing tough oil stains.

  • Bob

    Plant trees for me

  • Jane

    Yes!! Please plant trees for me.

    When making small meals I use a small dishpan in the sink for washing up to save water.

  • Plant trees for me!

  • Megan

    Plant a tree for me!

  • Jess

    Brilliant! Trees for me too, please! (This is going to be a lot of trees.)

  • terri

    please plant some trees for me too!

    thank you for all you do.

  • Kat

    Plant trees for my daughter and me. Okay, I know you said just one, but it’s her birthday, and she’s really quite nice!

  • Melissa

    Plant trees for me!

    i think I’m too late (different time here in Australia!)


  • We are a military family living in Japan. Over our two year here I have found the Japanese style of in home composting called, Bokashi (There are a few post in my blog about it, I wont drag on here about the wonders of it) Its easy, dosent smell, small and works wonders! I can clear drains, feed my plants indoors and out w/ the Bokashi juice, and produce some AWSOME soil and my fav part, its totally “green” !

  • Plant some trees for me! Merci.

  • Elizabeth Cohen

    For the “reuse” department of “reduce, reuse, recycle:” before dinner, I soak my greens in a large bowl of cold water to remove any grit. Then I water my plants with the water. After dinner, the corks from the wine bottles go into the planters. They keep moisture in and mischievous little pet noses/paws out.

    Thank you for plantings trees for us!

  • Kimberly-Rochelle

    “Plant trees for me!” This is such a wonderful gesture. Every little bit helps. Thank you.

  • Alessi

    Plant a tree for me!

  • cindie

    plant trees for me!

  • Claire

    Plant trees for me, please!

    What an excellent idea and how generous of both of you. Bravo.

  • Jenn

    Plant trees for me!

  • Bummble

    … And of course, now I’m drawing a total blank on ‘Green’ tips.
    I’m sure I’ll remember dozens again tomorrow.

    Anyway, if you could plant a tree for me, too, that would be great.

  • Alice

    Plant trees for me and for my children’s future!!

  • Martina Gondrom

    Please plant a tree for me, too!

    I can’t really give any tips on cooking as I’m really crap at it (although I’m a foodie lover). But one of the best environment advice I can give is: if you are not a regular driver get rid of your car and join a Car Club. Lots of English city councils roll out such schemes now (eg. Westminster Council in London). It works like car hire but is much cheaper and more convenient. And it’s much better for the environment!

    Thanks so much for this wonderful and inspiring website, Clotilde. You’re doing a great job!

  • jenn

    plant a tree for me!
    plant a tree for MEEEEEEE!!!!!!
    plant a tree or three………
    thank you!

  • Please, plant trees for me!

  • licorh

    please plant trees for me :)

    I have two green tips: Plan routes carefully to use the least gas possible

    use every possible part of every food, saving any not used immediately in the freezer for the next time

  • Love this idea. Please plant trees for me!

  • amy

    Well, I don’t have much to say at the moment, but I’m delighted to comment if it means more trees will be planted! What a fabulous offer from you (Clothilde) and flip & tumble. Thanks!

  • Lisa

    Pleas plant trees for me! Happy Earth Day!

  • alison

    Plant trees for me!

    Happy Earth Day!

  • suncatcher

    Plant trees for me!

    Green tip: Coffee grounds around your roses and eggshells placed at roots when planting pepper plants are very beneficial.

  • Mel, Oakland, CA

    Please plant a tree!

    Tip, turn on the tap and say no to bottled water at home, at a restaurant or on the go. Bottled water is a drain on energy resources (both to make the bottles as well as transport them) and often times ends up in the garbage.

    Thank you!

  • rose

    Everyone should plant trees! :)

  • Neil

    My green tip: Make tea with loose leaf tea, which you then compost! No waste that way, just a rinsed french press/ball/etc. Alternatively (at the office, on the go), you can make use of these recyclable aluminum tea infusers:

    (Disclosure: Company run by a friend of mine, but read up on how good it is!)

  • AMR

    Plant trees for me. Thank you!

  • vannakarenina

    Plant trees for me, please — a worthy project.

  • Ariel

    Aww, so cool!
    Plant trees for me!

    I think my two favorite “green” tips that relate to food/cooking are:

    1. Carefully watch what you buy and what you waste–if possible, keep your food waste out of the trash by composting or having a worm bin (worm bins even work in urban spaces).

    2. We have re-useable shopping bags, so why not ones for bulk food? I try to reuse the plastic bags I buy my bulk food in. Especially for frequently-purchased things like rice or nuts. No reason I can’t toss those baggies into the grocery sack when I’m through with them!

  • Sandra Wheeler

    Plant trees for me!

  • Caro K

    Thank you, Clotilde!

  • Anna

    Plant trees for me!

  • Jessie

    plant me a tree!

    also – earth day on friday!!

  • Liz

    un arbre pour moi aussi, si tu plait!

  • Quynh

    Plant trees for me!!
    what a great way to celebrate Earth Day! :)

  • Mandy

    “Plant a Tree for me!”

    Happy Earth Day everyone! xo

  • Caitlin

    Plant trees for me please!

    My green tip:

    Get as much of your communication online as possible to reduce paper, whether its an online newspaper, information from blogs or email!

  • susan

    Thanks for planting the trees — what a great idea!

    My green tip: Join a CSA (community supported agriculture). You can buy a share at the beginning of the season, and receive a weekly bag of local, organic produce in return.

  • Christine E. L.

    Please plant trees for me!

    My humble tip: Unplug your laptops before you go to bed. It’s so easy-why wouldn’t you?

  • Hilary

    Plant trees for me…. please!

  • Wow, what an awesome thing to do. Definitely plant trees for me!

  • Plant a tree for me!

  • Mary McHugh

    Please plant a tree for me in beautiful Malawi! Thank you.

  • Chris

    Plant a tree for me!

  • Rachael

    Volunteered at Mwaya in 2005 – plant a tree for me!

  • swan

    It’s still the 22nd somewhere in the world!

    please plant trees for me!

    If I do get plastic shopping bags, which I try to avoid ofcourse! I always keep and reuse them – mainly to put garbage in actually, they hang so easily from the drawer…:-)

  • dana

    Plant trees for me!

    Not only do we use the large grocery bags, but I made some “one string bags” for produce (no, that’s not my website). Now we have even fewer plastic bags at home!

  • Jess T

    Plant trees for me please!
    Thank you for your generosity :)

  • Blair

    Plant trees for me!

    -Wrap presents in newspaper (especially the Sunday comics)
    -Reuse jam jars/yogurt containers and more to store food in
    -Buy gifts made of recycled materials ( is a great source)

  • Lisa

    Plant a tree for me!

  • Vien

    Plant trees for me :D

  • Yay! Please Plant trees. Fruit trees!
    Thank you and the Earth and her children thank you.

  • Plant trees for me, please! I save the water used for bathing my baby boy and for washing his bottles to flush the toilet. Also, breastfeed for as long as you can! It’s better for baby, it’s better for mommy and you don’t have to buy tinned formula. Plus if it’s possible, make your own baby food from fresh, organic, locally-grown produce.

  • Rob

    woah that’s a lotta trees

  • Ryan

    Plant trees for me!

    My green tip: Use Power Bars.
    You know all those little red and green lights shining at you in the dark? They’re on your modem, DVD player, TV, stero, router, monitor, game console…everywhere. Even though they’re turned off, they are still consuming electricity. Plug them into an accessible power bar and turn them all off easily. Killing the power for 16-20 hours each day results in 730kgs of CO2 saved and knocked $100 off my annual energy costs. So easy!

  • Leah Karp

    How wonderful of flip & tumble! Definitely plant a couple trees for me!

  • Sara Grace

    Plant trees for me! I also just bought four of those awesome bags!

    My tip:
    Purchase whole (local, pastured) chickens and save all the leftover bits from cooking and eating to make chicken stock. Also, a great use for veggies that you let get too old. Freeze them until you’re ready to make stock. If you condense your stock down you can put it in ice cube trays and freeze. So easy to store in those intense little cubes! Never buy store bought stock again – save money and packaging while utilizing every bit of your food!

  • Melissa

    Plant trees for me! And plant a vege garden if you have room! Not only will it keep you busy outside in the fresh air but you’ll have a steady supply of superfresh produce. This (Australian) summer we have had cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini, eggplants, pumpkins, rhubarb, corn, peppers and chilis, lettuce, asparagus, leeks and spring onions, and of course a variety of herbs and now we are starting on the winter veges! I love finding new recipes to use up whatever we have too much of!

  • Alix

    Plant trees for me, merci!

  • Hannah

    Plant a tree for me!

    Purchase a rain barrel to have under your rain spout. This catches all of the rain water that would otherwise go to waste that you could use for watering plants and gardens. Just make sure to check if it is alright with your city, certain ones do not allow these!

  • Adam

    Plant a tree for me!

    Try as often as possible to do all of your cooking in one pan. This saves on the water and energy to wash numerous pots and pans and cooking in one pan can help with the flavor of your cooking!

  • Hani

    Here are two great tips:

    1) Use rags instead of paper towels. You save so much waste! Just keep a bucket for them in the laundry and wash when you accumulated a load.

    2) Know how to recycle properly! For example – if you happen to use plastic bottles (which you shouldn’t) the bottle body is recyclable, but the CAP IS NOT! Most recycling companies don’t have time to cut off the caps, so those bottle are burned instead.

    Thanks for buying trees!

  • Pamela Holt

    If every one planted one tree today what a wonderful world it would be!! Use your egg shells and egg cartons in place of peat pots to start your seeds indoors. You can plant them directly in the ground or your raised bed garden which enhances the soil also.

  • Au Sze

    Plant trees!

    Green tip: I wash veggies in a tub so that I can re-use the water for mopping or to flush the toilet with.

    Thanks for doing this!

  • Plant Trees for ME!!!

  • Plant trees for me!

    Love your site!

  • Yemiena

    Plant trees for me!

    My favourite green tip:

    When going grocery shopping, try walking to the shops instead of taking your car. Try to make it a family outing. That way, you reduce the amount of emissions from your car, engage in a family activity and manage to keep fit too!

  • moonablaze

    plant a tree for me!!

    My best green tip I have is to NOT use your garbage disposal. Unfortunately they’re massively overtaxing our aging sewers. compost if you can, or for vegetable matter you can use the “yard waste” containers that many communities provide.

    Much food waste (such as coffee grounds) makes great fertilizer for your plants just by sprinkling around the base!

  • Stacey Jones

    Plant trees for me!

  • Edith

    I think I’m too late… but maybe plant a tree for me, please?

    And a fun green thing that i like to do is instead of buying greeting cards or tags for presents I just my own with flower seeds in it. Your loved ones get nice hand-made cards that can then be turned into flowers!
    Rip up paper (old newspapers, any paper you’d recycle really), put in blender – only about 1/3rd full, Fill rest of blender with warm water and blend until not chunky. Stir in about a teaspoon of seeds (don’t blend!), strain out water over sink, lay flat outside on some felt or other fabric. Get out the excess water with a sponge or towel.
    They make great postcards because the paper is usually quite thick, or tags for wrapping presents. Remember to tell the recipient to plant it!

  • Emma

    Please plant trees! Hooray!

  • Alisa

    Plant trees for me!! The more the better! :)

  • Stephanie

    “Plant trees for me!”

  • vale

    If it isn’t too late… a tree for me too!
    Thanks Clotilde, I love your initiative :)

  • Maureen

    Plant trees for me! Great idea, Clotilde.

    My green tip: discover local edible plants. What did the people who lived in your corner of the world eat before the arrival of industrialized agriculture and supermarket chains? Since I started learning about local edibles such as dandelions, bear’s garlic, purslane, and stinging nettles, walks in the woods have become a lot more interesting. Some of these plants have domesticated varieties that you can plant in your garden or in a container on your balcony. They have the advantage of being adapted to the local weather conditions and don’t require intensive care. Finally, be sure to educate others about what is out there – or seek out information from people who still know about native plants.

  • Please plant a tree for me and my daughter (she is named after a forest goddess)

  • heysmell

    Got a free Japanese Maple today and planted it! It was a quiet moment of happiness. So thank you, please plant two more trees for me!

    Green tip:

    I bake sourdough bread, but hate pre-heating an empty oven. So now I wait for bread baking day and roast beets, veggies, etc. while the oven is heating up.

    But truly, the best no duh thing I ever did was get a Brita pitcher for filtering tap water. No more bottled water, plus I find I drink much more water from the pitcher than I ever did out of bottles, and you can use the filtered water for ice cubes, cooking, or even for the dog guilt free.

  • What a fabulous idea, Clotilde! You are amazing!

    Please plant a tree for me.

  • plant a tree for me please

  • Hsunchi Chen

    Plant all the trees you can for me please!

  • susan

    plant trees for me!

    thank you! :D

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