I Don’t Believe We’ve Been Properly Introduced

I Don't Believe We've Been Properly Introduced

How about playing a little guessing game?

The first reader to correctly uncover the identity of this UFO (Unidentified Food Object), as well as the reader who comes up with the most unlikely or the funniest suggestion, will each get the wallpaper of their choice, signed to their name with a little note.

Not to mention the fame, and my respect and consideration for at least a couple of days. How’s that for a tempting prize?


Well, dear readers, the UFO was in fact, <drumroll>… plaited mozzarella! Or more accurately a tresse de mozzarella, kindly given to me by a French producer at the Salon du Fromage – the tale of which will follow later today.

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Warm Potato Salad

Salade Tiède de Charlottes

[Warm Potato Salad]

The other day, when my Campanier basket included a bag of Charlottes, Jackie mentioned that her favorite use for these small potatoes, tender-fleshed and sweet, was a warm potato salad. This stuck in my mind so much that I couldn’t think, for the life of me, what else any one could possibly choose to make with these beauties.

I made this salad using the leftover ham and parsley I had on hand, and threw in some toasted hazelnuts for the added crunch and nuttiness. Easy enough to make on a weeknight, it turned out to be really delicious, with a decidedly high comfort factor.

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Black Radish “Chips”

Black Radish "Chips"

My vegetable basket this week included three black radishes, oblong and rather large. Black radish is another one of those forgotten vegetables, so I was quite happy for the chance to experiment with it.

Last time I had bought a black radish, I had used it raw in a yogurt-dressed salad, and had been rather unimpressed. I realize in hindsight that it probably wasn’t very fresh: it was much limper than the crisp and vigorous ones I got this week. Still, I wanted to try them in their cooked form this time.

One of them I cut up in matchsticks and added to an Asian stir-fry, to very good results. And I decided to bake the two remaining ones: baking is my favorite cooking method for root vegetables, as it brings out their sweetness in a delightful way.

These oven-baked black radish chips turned out really well: their natural pungency is toned down by the baking, yet the edge remains, and they proved quite addictive.

In slicing them up, I also discovered how beautiful this vegetable is, with the white on white sunray pattern on each slice. Afterwards, I thought it would have been even nicer to leave half of the peel on, in stripes, so that each of the slices would have dashes on the rim.

Black Radishes

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Archive Spotlight

Archive Spotlight

In the five months since the birth of Chocolate & Zucchini, I have written approximately one hundred and fifty entries, among which roughly half are recipes. Not all of you have read all of them of course, and even I sometimes forget what I have written about, so I thought it would be nice to have a way to make use of these archives.

On the left navigation bar, a new section called “Archive Spotlight” now randomly selects a post from the Chocolate & Zucchini archives, dusts it off and displays it for your reading pleasure…

The Double Chocolate Crisp Quest

IKEA-Style Oat Crisps

UPDATE: I have now found a great recipe for IKEA-style havreflarn!

And today, it is with a plea for help that I come to you, a call to your infinite wisdom and collective knowledge.

Last time I did something of the kind, you proved to me that you were as generous with your advice and insight as I had hoped, and although I have yet to make another attempt at poaching an egg – I never seem to feel like it until the eggs I have can’t, in all honesty, be considered at their peak of freshness anymore – your precious tips will accompany me on my next foray, and you will be the first to hear about its relative or absolute success.

The matter at hand today is no less important than last time, for it involves chocolate: I am looking for a recipe to reproduce those Swedish Double Chocolate Crisps, made of two thin crispy buttery rolled oats cookies, sandwiched together by a layer of dark chocolate.

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