Shallot Parsley Dip

Shallot Parsley Dip

Our first Campanier order included a small head of cauliflower. I felt like eating it raw, and came up with this easy-breazy dip to accompany it. I wanted to eat a quick snack before joining Maxence at the movies, and this took me all of five minutes to whip up. This fresh and tasty dip can be eaten with veggies, or spread on toasted bread.

Be warned though, that as you sit down to watch the movie, your boyfriend may look at you suspiciously in the semi-darkness and ask : “Did you, um… eat onions?”.

Nope. Shallots.

But thanks all the same.

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Ceci n’est pas un Macaron

Ceci n'est pas un Macaron

This is Pierre Hermé’s Marron et Thé Vert Matcha macaron.

This is a delicate confection of chestnut almond meringue and fresh chestnut cream and voluptuous green tea cream.

This is a true delight, to the eye and to the palate.

This is my Valentine’s Day gift to you.

Joyeuse St-Valentin!

Plat du Jour

Plat du Jour

Chocolate & Zucchini now has a Plat du Jour generator! Click away, and get hundreds of thousands of dish suggestions in the pure C&Z spirit…

The idea for this came to me in the middle of the night, which is sort of worrying, but anyway. Hope you have as much fun with this as I do!

Note : I wrote this in English, the ever so modular language, because you wouldn’t believe the nightmare of randomly combining and conjugating adjectives and nouns in French! No, you wouldn’t. Really.

The Essential California Sandwich

The Essential California Sandwich

Back when we lived in the Silicon Valley, whenever I ordered a sandwich, I would invariably and happily go for the California sandwich. Not only did it sound most appropriate given the location, but avocado is among my best friends, and sprouts are a fantastic addition, adding the perfect peppery crunch to its comforting and sweet tenderness.

I have had many different types of California sandwiches, with different types of bread and cheese, some vegetarian and some with turkey or even bacon, some with tomatoes and some with roasted red pepper, some without greens and some with spinach leaves.

But to me, the essence of the California sandwich lies in the combination of avocado and sprouts, hugged by excellent good-for-you bread and a mellow kind of cheese.

So when I got avocados in my Campanier order the other day, I quickly started a batch of sprouts. When the avocados were ripe and the sprouts had grown, I bought mozzarella and multigrain bread, for a delighful trip down memory lane, flying on the wings of this simple and scrumptious sandwich.

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Pain Complet aux Olives

Pain Complet aux Olives

Le Pétrin Médiéval is a little bakery close to our place. The name means “the medieval kneading-trough”, which doesn’t sound half as nice, I’m afraid. They happen to be the bread suppliers for Rose Bakery, where you can enjoy their excellent “pain intégral” with your salad.

Le Pétrin Médiéval sells an array of rustic breads and no-frills pastries, which all look very promising, and I bought a small loaf of their olive whole wheat bread the other day. It looked so nice and tasted so delicious, I thought I’d share. I intend to try the walnut version of this next time…

On another note, I went to pick up my second Campanier order yesterday. The vegetable basket contained a lettuce, a head of broccoli, a celery root, two little bulbs of garlic, and a string bag of Charlottes, those small thin-skinned and sweet-fleshed potatoes. In the fruit basket were nine blood oranges, two huge pomelos, and seven cute little pears.

Maybe it’s just me, but few things can compete with the joy of having produce drawers bursting at the seams!

Le Pétrin Médiéval
31 rue Henri Monnier
75009 Paris
01 44 53 05 02

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