Bar à Veloutés, Take 1

Bar à Veloutés

Yesterday was the first session of the Bar à Veloutés that Marion Chatelain and myself are hosting at the Printemps de la Maison department store during the Invasions Gourmandes event.

Visitors had a choice between three savory veloutés (a velouté is a thick velvety soup), three toppings to sprinkle on, and three edible accessories to dip in : twenty-seven combinations which were all designed to work equally well.

We arranged each serving in tiny transparent tumblers with a small wooden spoon, assembling them as we went, according to what our guests chose. I was happy to see that people really took to the concept, intrigued by the various elements, and eager to experiment with the different pairings.

And while I busy myself preparing for the second session tomorrow afternoon (which will offer sweet things this time), pictured above is a little sample from yesterday : Velouté à Pois, Raisins Granités et Allumette noisette-thym — Pea soup, Frozen grapes and Hazelnut-thyme matchstick!

And here are two other combinations!

The three possible veloutés were :
– Velouté à pois (pea velouté)
– Velouté lacté (a mix of fresh cheese and olive oil)
– Velouté orange (carrot velouté)

The three toppings to sprinkle were :
– Maïs grillé (ground grilled corn)
– Tomate poudrée (powdered sundried tomatoes)
– Raisins granités (frozen grapes)

As for the dippers, the choice was between :
– Pistache isocèle (a tiny samosa with a pistachio filling)
– Eskimo coco (coconut icicle)
– Allumette noisette-thym (a hazelnut-thyme matchstick)

[Our next session is on Saturday 6th, 2004 from 3:30pm to 5:30pm, at the 3rd floor of the Printemps de la Maison, 64 bd Haussman, 75009 Paris]

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  • Hi Clotilde,
    Looks superb. Can’t wait to see it. Will try to come tomorrow with Alisa. See you there.

  • kitten

    Oooh, very intriguing! I hope when you have a moment you will post all the options!

  • Pascale – Hope to see you tomorrow!

    Kitten – I’ve just updated the post with some details and two more pics…

  • Adrian

    you there tomorrow?

  • Your papounet

    I’ll be there with your Mum, count on me! And I hope we’ll get a special treatment, I want to sample ALL of it !

  • Alisa

    Indeed I did arrive with Pascale, and Maïa, and tried all of the sweet, and crunchy veloute. This was fun, really delish, and I had the pleasure of seeing you and your family! Did you make all of the parts? Are you able to give recipes? It is such a wonderful idea for a party.

  • kitten

    Yes yes recipes! Thank you so much for listing the options, can’t wait to hear about the sweet ones. If you ever get tired of the high tech stuff you really could be an extraordinary caterer/party planner!

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