Bar à Veloutés, Take 2

Bar à Veloutés, Take 2

On Saturday, Marion and I hosted our second Bar à Veloutés at the Printemps department store, during the Invasions Gourmandes event. We had served savory veloutés last Thursday, and served sweet ones this time.

Our guests could choose one of three veloutés :
– Velouté coco (a kind of coconut mousse)
– Velouté pistache (a pistachio-flavored crème brûlée)
– Velouté williams (a velvety pear compote)

They could then choose to sprinkle on :
– Raisins granités (chopped frozen grapes)
– Eclats de fruits (dried fruit flakes)
– Framboises brisées (frozen pearls of raspberry)

And finally they could dip in one of the following :
– Caramel de tournesol (sunflower seed brittle)
– Meringue gingembre (ginger meringue)
– Polochon carotte (a pillowy carrot biscuit)

I’ll let you guess which is which is which on the picture above — a little game to brighten your day, how’s that?

This second edition was very successful too, and we were very happy to have over 350 visitors — perfect strangers mostly, but also friends, family and C&Z readers — come by to taste our concoctions. The pairings worked well, the little tasting tumblers looked pretty and appealing, and we had more than enough of everything to please everyone. We even kept the bar open for a little longer than scheduled because we still had supplies and guests.

Being behind a tasting stand is always an fascinating experience (I don’t know, free food does strange things to the human mind), this one particularly so : since the Bar à Veloutés concept had been especially created by us for this occasion and didn’t fall into any obvious category, we got interesting reactions. A handful of people were somewhat dumbfounded, wondering what the use was (um, none) and what we were trying to sell (um, nothing), having the hardest time imagining something that was free and just for fun and tastebud pleasure. Thankfully, most of our visitors were surprised and intrigued, their interest tickled, wanting to taste it all. And this is exactly what we were trying to achieve, offering an original tasting experience, one that would be rich in colors, textures and flavors.

Post-scriptum about the recipes : they are creations of Marion and myself, and as much as I’m usually willing to share my own recipes (surely you’ve noticed!), I need to check with her first and see what our “policy” is on these…

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  • Congratulations on the huge success, though very much expected, of the invasions Gourmandes event! I really really REALLY have to try all the 27 combination of those sweet veloutes… every trio just sounds intriguing.

    What next?

  • cheesy chilaquiles


    I’m fascinated – “a pillowy carrot biscuit.”
    Did you and/or your friend concoct these?
    If so, I wonder if you’d be willing to share the recipe. I’d very much like to make some for Thanksgiving. “Polochon carotte”
    – I’m fascinated.

  • Brilliant!! I love the concept, sort of a creamy dessert salad bar. Would make an exciting and different summer dessert buffet!

  • Any change we could get the recipe ?!! I ‘m dribbling on my keyboard !

  • caitlin

    The first one: veloute coco, framboises brisees, and polochon carotte. The second one: veloute williams, raisins grnaites, and caramel de tournesol. The third one: veloute pistache, eclats de fruits and meringue gingembre. Am I right?!

  • Hope you can share recipes–the veloute pistache was incredible!

  • Joan

    Clotilde, how about you become the food/drink/social secretary of the world! This planet needs you so very much!

    If I may, please, the veloute pistache, framboises brisees and the caramel de tournesol. Seconds?

  • Alisa

    the pistachio was my favorite also!

  • In my humble opinion , i think that the best combination which has been presented at Printemps’ Bar à Veloutés was: a nice (really nice) bartender + her joyful smile + her kind invitation to test all possible flavours without feeling guilty.
    [Hope this commentary will not sound too italian] ;-)

  • Jo

    Recipes please please pretty please!

  • Joan

    ok Clotilde..bartender extraordinaire…on my knees I’m a beggin’ for the recipes :-)

  • martine camillieri

    bonjour clotilde
    je vais souvent sur ton site par plaisir pur..
    je me demande si tu es toujours aussi mince !
    bravo pour ton article ds le elle, bises martine

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