Chocolat & Zucchini @ La Cocotte


On Thursday, April 10, starting from 6pm, we shall celebrate the release of Chocolat & Zucchini, the French version of my cookbook, beautifully published by Marabout.

This booksigning event will be held at the adorable cookbook store La Cocotte in Paris; drinks and nibbles will be provided. (See larger-sized invitation.)

La Cocotte / map it!
5 rue Paul Bert, 75011 Paris
M° Faidherbe-Chaligny
Phone: +33 (0)9 54 73 17 77

[For information about future book events, including my upcoming US book tour, view the complete list.]

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  • Chouette! On sortira plus tôt pour venir…

  • Félicitations! Je voudrais être là, mais c’est impossible.

  • Look forward to the U.S. tour!!!

  • Alisa

    I was at La Cocotte saturday night for another book coming out party, and saw your french version prominently displayed. Even said…Cool, look at that!!!!! Will try to be there on the 10th. bisous

  • Good luck. The book looks lovely.

  • The new edition looks great. Wish I could zip over for the party, but a friend is using the Lear jet that night. (h, I amuse myself)

  • Chouette, I am new to blogging and the whole community. This is my first visit to your site. I so wish I had found you soone! I am going to check out your cookbook and new release when it comes out. Looking forward to your future posts.

  • Very cool, I’d love to be there because of course “I love Paris in the the springtime” (who remembers that from grade school?). US Tour!

  • Good luck and Congrats!

  • Wow! Congratulations on the French book launch. You’re doing soooo well! Wishing you all the best, t xx

  • Cannot wait. I’ve been busy testing the “C&Z inspired” dishes for your booklaunch. I’ll bet there’ll be a queue round the block for your book signing ;-)
    See you next week!

  • Cartoon Blogger

    That’s super.

  • Congratulations! That’s absolutely marvelous. :)

  • SO wish I was in Paris to go to this…Good luck :)


  • Vicki

    I can’t wait to see the book in the US. I’m sad that you aren’t coming to Chicago on your book tour after all.

  • Rachel

    Congrats again on the book launch! And thanks so much for the tip on La Cocotte; I was so disappointed to find that La Librairie Gourmande had gone last time I was in Paris and I’ll definitely pay this place a visit next time I’m in town.

  • Alisa in Los Angeles

    I just received my latest issue of Bon Appetit today in the mail and was so excited to see that it was about Paris bistros. Then I opened it up and saw YOU! I was thrilled. I told my husband…”this is the woman who writes the blog I read “chocolate and zucchini”. Excellent piece. We love love love Paris. We hope that when we are in France for our sabbatical we’ll be able to come up for a few long weekends. Congratulations on the new book – I am hoping to come to your signing in Los Angeles.

  • Rachel – La Librairie Gourmande still exists! It has simply changed ownership — it is now run by the charming Deborah — and location. It is now at 90 rue Montmartre in the 2nd arrondissement.

  • Joan

    that book has been so patient!…waiting in the wings..and flies..can so easily imagine the joy of that evening..chocolate-coated congratulations Clotide!

  • Congratulations! I will try to come. I am looking forward to meeting you.

  • With your print career really starting to take off would you not consider looking into video and doing TV work? it must be the next progression? You have the talent and the ability and the recipes clearly stand up! Why not try making a short test video yourself and seeing how it goes? We would love to feature you on iFoods!

  • Félicitations pour cette édition française. Dis, tu ne passes pas par Munich pour une dédicace?

  • Well, it just so happens I am going to be in Paris on the 10th! I will do my very best to drop by! Of course I am assuming this is an open invitation!

  • I saw your book at BHV Clotilde! I was thrilled to see it.
    Mucho felicitations!!!

  • Michelle Parker

    Congratulations! I just got the American version of your book for a birthday gift, and I’ve been so enamored with it!! I absolutely love the foreword and the “my cooking philosophy” part!! I’m glad to know someone else instinctively inspects other peoples’ cupboards besides me! :) Thanks so much for such a great book…and blog of course!

  • Clotilde, So glad you’re coming our way. I look forward to seeing you in Corte Madera.
    Just fyi on April 13 at Fort Mason there’s a chocolate festival

  • Congratulations on the French book launch…

    I can’t wait to see the book in the Spain.

  • flognarde 19

    Nous venons de nous procurer votre livre et avons hate de le découvrir.
    Permettez_nous de vous souhaiter une bonne fete en attendant.

    Genevieve (et Claude)

  • Alice

    Congrats, Clotine!The book looks lovely!

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