C&Z Birthday Party Reminder + My Mother’s Sewing Blog

Le Takbo

Post-Party Update: Many thanks to all of you who came! I had a splendid time and it was a pleasure to meet you or see you again. As always, we were a joyful, diverse bunch: old friends and new; next-door neighbors and visitors from the other side of the world; professional chefs, enthusiastic cooks, people who would rather just eat what someone else has made, and two little boys still too young to even walk into the kitchen on their own two feet.

I enjoyed the surprise visit of my high-school English teacher, the virtual presence of a fellow chocolate-lover from Germany who had sweetly and cleverly sent me a package c/o the restaurant where we were meeting, and the gifts that some of you were kind enough to bring — you really shouldn’t have, but thank you so much for the chocolate, the confiture de lait, the spices, the music, and the artwork. The end of the evening found me a little dizzy from all the new faces and all the talking (come to think of it, the wine probably played its part, too), but I hope I managed to talk at least for a moment with each of you — I certainly tried. Thanks again for coming and see you soon!


Just a note to remind you that we will be gathering for a drink tonight in Paris to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of C&Z. Here are the details; join us if you can!

When? Wednesday, October 11th, 2006.
What time? Starting from 7:30PM.
Where? Le Takbo, 52 rue Condorcet in the 9th (01 48 78 39 59).
Closest métro stop? Anvers (line 2).

On another note, I am happy to announce that my mother has just taken her first steps into the blogging world! Her blog is called Coupe Couture and it is a blog (in French) that will teach you all about sewing. My mother has always been an adroit seamstress: I have great memories of afternoons spent watching her create dresses and shirts out of thin air (all right, out of fabric and thread), of dressing my dolls with the cute little outfits she’d made for them, and of trying my hand at basic stuff with her until I was capable of making myself skirts that could actually be worn in public. For she is also an excellent teacher, from maths and Latin to cooking and sewing, and I hope you will find her blog enjoyable and useful.

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  • Clotilde, I wish I was in Paris tonight so I could help celebrate C&Z’s 3rd anniversary. I hope you all have a great night.

    And please pass on my congratulations to your mother on her blog. It looks wonderful! I’d do it myself mais mon Francais n’est pas tres bon (see what I mean?). Merci.

  • Funny, it’s my mother’s birthday today, and your post combines the 2 subjects :-) I can’t come tonight but will have a big “pensée pour toi” !

  • Oh, how I wish I could be there. But as it is I’ll just stare at my amazon order list, telling me it’s nine more months until your book will be released.

    Do you have any idea how cruel this is?

  • Neil

    Happy Third Birthday to C & Z, Clotilde. Another wonderful year of stories, travels and recipes. Hope you have a wonderful evening.

    And, like Ann, I am awaiting the publication of your book next year.

  • Lisa

    Like everyone else, I surely wish that I could be there tonight (to congratulate you, but also to be in Paris!). Happy anniversary – I have really enjoyed your writing over the years and look forward to the book. I love looking at your mom’s blog even though I cannot read a word (well maybe a word, but not much else). You are both obviously fine crafts(wo)men!

  • Griffin

    Have a wonderful time this evening. I wish I could be there, but as I can’t, would you have an extra drink for me?!

    Your mother’s blog looks amazing, my French is not fluent, but I shall try as I have always wanted to learn how to make my own clothes… I love the picture of the button man!

    I could do with a teacher like your mother… your family are clearly natural teachers. You teach cooking, mum teaches sewing, Latin (wonderful) and maths (I am hopeless at math)… what does your dad teach? I’m sure he teaches something… unless the teaching gene only runs on your mother’s side!

    And I have a French friend living in Rome called Sylvie, so I love the name.

  • aww…how cute a blogging family!! I’m the only nerd in my family ;)

  • Amy

    Happy blogversary, Clotilde! Like everyone else, I wish I could join you to celebrate, but my vacation in Paris ended last Sunday. Thank you for introducing us to E. Dehillerin and G. Detou; even though my mustards and jams were confiscated at the airport, it was a very enjoyable shopping experience (and the caramels that made it back to the States were a bit hit).

  • Kara

    Clotilde, love your site – I have made it my home page. Congratulations on your third year. I love your mom’s blog but my French is minimal – wish it was posted en Anglais aussi! Cheers and wish I could be in Paris to help celebrate.

  • Flute et re-flute, bien qu’habitant Paris il m’est impossible de venir ce soir, j’aurais feter ce troisième anniversaire avec plaisir et ca aurait été une joie de faire ta connaissance… peut-etre une prochaine fois… Très bonne soirée

  • Melanie

    Hello Clotilde,

    Bon anniversaire C&Z. Your blog is a true find, and I love to check it as often as possible.
    Wish I could be there and meet in person. Please, have a little celebration in NYC when your book is published!

  • Tim

    Congratulations to both you and your mother. I am sure she will do well as I am guessing she as an excellent ‘blog coach’!

  • Sara, The WineMakers Wife

    Clotilde, Congrats on the amazing sucsess of your blog. I am so looking forward to your cookbook. How much longer??? You are fortunate to have such a talented family!

  • sam

    My mum has just started a blog too. I wish it was about sewing instead of being about “absolutely anything, including posting embarassing pictures of me from when I was a teenager!”

    here it is:

    I am off to take a look at your maman’s sewing…

  • sam

    oh – and how rude of me not to add a congratulations on your blogday


  • MM

    I’m alarmed to read that one of your commenters’ “mustards and jams were confiscated at the airport” Is it illegal to bring back canned, cooked goods? How terrible! Please advise so I find a better way to import these on my next visit to Paris (haven’t been, sadly, in almost 6 years but hoping to go soon)
    and bonne anniversaire a la(?) blog!

  • Rachel

    Congratulations again and I so wish I could be there! I would say to have an extra drink for me but with the number of people saying the same thing, you might end up with a massive gueule de bois tomorrow morning… ;) Here’s to many more happy years of C&Z and I eagerly await the cookbook!

  • Congrats on your anniversary. I hope you all have a wonderful evening. Wish I could be there too. How wonderful your Mother has started a blog too.

  • I hope you had a wonderful evening. Maybe if I’m really smart next year I will plan a trip to Paris around that time.

    And is there any way to make this sound less stalkery?

  • Meg

    Thanks for the great party last night, and congratulations! It was lovely to meet you.

  • Céline75

    Merci pour cette belle soirée d’hier, même si malheureusement je n’ai pas pu y rester bien longtemps. Je me mets sur les rangs pour acheter la version anglaise (métrique !) du livre, et ma foi, si les négociations avec l’éditeur français se concrétisent (je croise les doigts !)… je le rachèterai aussi en français ! Promis juré ;-) !

    Merci pour ta générosité qui retransparait si bien dans ton blog !

  • Alisa

    It was a very nice evening!
    Congratulations to your mom – I will go check that out. Bisous!

  • ANDI

    Have a wonderful time tonight*
    Congrats on your 3rd anniv.
    Wish I could join you..
    I’ll be there in spirit…and good luck to your mom on her new blog venture.
    in Vegas….

  • I`ve been reading your blog for so long now & it suddenly occurred to me that I should at least say Hi :-)
    I love your blog & your text always makes me feel good inside!
    Best wishes,

  • Amy

    MM—no worries about bringing back goodies from France. I stupidly didn’t pack them in my checked baggage, thinking they’d pass inspection since I put them in the clear plastic baggie provided at the airport, but I was sadly mistaken and nearly caused an international mustard incident!

  • Jer

    I am curious how many other C&Z readers showed up for this party??

    I am hoping there will be a HUGE book tour once it gets release (don’t forget to stop in Toronto!!)

  • Ori

    Happy birthday to your Libra blog. It’s a terrific journal. I love reading it.

    Congratulations and wishing you continued success!

  • amy

    Thank you, Clotilde, for a lovely party! We had a wonderful time.

  • Alice

    Really enjoyed meeting you on Wednesday evening, Clotilde, and I’m so glad I came out to celebrate your 3 years in the blog world!

    Thanks so much for organizing the gathering; it really was a nice wine bar/restaurant.

    Looking forward to your upcoming blog entries — as well as your cookbook, of course!

  • Mim

    We were so happy that were we in Paris at exactly the right time, to be part of your celebration, to meet you, and meet others who love reading your blog. What a wonderful evening. I’ve added your Maman’s blog to my bloglines. Her blog is wonderful, too.

  • A sewing blog is just what I’ve been needing, yet I didn’t know it. I’ve been wanting to learn how to sew better, and can improve my French reading skills at the same time!

  • camille

    thank you so much for this nice moment I have spent with you and your “friends” on wednesday. I was hesitating coming, not knowing anyone but of course it was great and friendly, and really easy to talk to anyone there! see you soon in the neighborhood, hopefully!

  • J’aurais vraiment voulu venir, pour une fois que ce n’était pas un rendez-vous à San Francisco ou New York ;-) Bah, en contrepartie, j’ai assisté par ondes interposées à l’émission de Julie Andrieu. Une rencontre à l’unilatérale, en quelque sorte…

  • How fun it was to meet you and the few others left by the time we arrived. We really enjoyed talking food and Paris with you. Thanks for a lovely evening.

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