C&Z’s 5th Anniversary Party!

Chocolate & Zucchini turned five yesterday, and because every five-year-old in the world deserves a birthday party, I would like to invite you to a celebratory get-together in Paris.

It will be held on Wednesday, October 8th, from 7pm till 9pm, at Bocata, a cosy tapas bar in my neighborhood, located at 31 rue Milton, Paris 9ème.

Drinks and homemade nibbles will be served, and the cost will be 21€ per person*.

Space is limited, so it will be reservations only: if you’d like to join us (yay!), please send me a note no later than this Monday, October 6th, with your name, telephone number, and the number of people you’d like to come with. I will confirm your reservation, and send you the instructions for Paypal payment then.

I hope you can make it, and if you have any question, please ask!

Bocata / map it!
31 rue Milton, Paris 9ème
01 40 16 82 85
M° Anvers or Notre-Dame-de-Lorette.

* 20€ go to the restaurant; the remaining 1€ pays the Paypal commission.

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  • Congratulations on your 5th Anniversary.

    Wish I could join you but I’m a little too far away (-I’m in Japan.)

    I’ll be with you in spirit though as I’ve just received shipment of your books and will be reading them at every opportunity.

    All the best for the party and the next 5 years.


  • Potiron

    j’aurai bien aimé y aller, hélas je ne peux pas….

  • I won’t be in town so can’t make it. But I’ll have a bagel with cream cheese & lox for you, in celebration.

    And I’ll put 5 candles on it, too!

  • Congratulations and best wishes to you on five years writing your very charming and informative food blog! I hope you have a great celebration. If only I was in Paris, it sounds like so much fun.

  • Yay! I wouldn’t miss it. I came to my first one two years ago without knowing a soul and had a fabulous time. Looking forward to it.

  • Jillian

    wish i could, since i’m actually in France this October. unfortunately, i have 6 hours of class the next day :( but i’ll have a drink in honor of the birthday!

  • Wish it were possible to jump on a plane to Paris for a few days and join in the festivities, but since that’s not going to happen, you will be in my thoughts! Congratulations on 5 years!

  • Donna McL

    Happy Birthday C&Z! Cheers!

  • Congratulations, Clotilde!
    I’ve been reading your blog for quite some time and really enjoy it. Wish I could come to the party (and be in Paris!), but being on another continent poses a problem.
    Have a great time.

  • Oh! Congratulations. Your fete sounds wonderful. If I win the lottery tonight I will RSVP that I can fly all the way to Paris next week! ;-)

  • comme je ne peux pas y aller, je ferai votre gateau de l’orange et gingembre. joyeux anniversaire!

  • So, happy birthday dear C&Z !

    The Simon’s gang.

  • Happy birthday, I wish I was in Paris!

  • EB

    Congratulations on such a milestone!! Well done.

  • Joyeux anniversaire!

    we will be in paris this month–but not until the 25th. i read both your website and cookbook dedicatedly (my boyfriend just made the chestnut and mushroom soup this past weekend–c’etait delicieux! i, myself, have been pretty addicted to the recipe for yogurt cake.)

    We will be playing a show on the 25th at Cafe De La Danse. Perhaps, as a C&Z birthday present, you’d accept a ticket to the show for you and Maxence?


  • We just spent 10 days in Paris using only your guidebook and what a way to see the city! We’d love to join you in celebrating five years of providing incredible information to food lovers everywhere but alas, like so many others we are simply too far away — Rhode Island in the USA — which is, naturally not an island at all. Auguri! E brava!!

  • Poppy

    Congratulations on having an incredible blog and starting a new career!
    I have watched it from the beginning! It’s a real tribute to all that you love!
    Bon Anniversaire! (think of the old Charles Aznavour song)

    Poppy, Brisbane, Qld, Australia

  • Bonne fête!!! :D

  • Congratulations. A gorgeous Blog.

    Excited to have found this one.

    H.Peter, Calgary

  • Dommage que je ne sois pas à paris à cette date, je me serais fait une joie de me joindre à vous et surtout de faire ta connaissance !Une autre fois peut être !

  • Congratulations!! Oh, what I would give to go to Paris to celebrate along…

  • Veg of The Week


    You have made quite an exciting life for yourself. Getting paid to do it doesn’t hurt either!

    Keep up the good work and here’s to 5 more years!

  • Congratulations Clotilde!

    5 human years, how much internet years would that be? With all the websites and blogs that dont’t last longer than a year or two, I think we can safely say your blog just turned 25 web-years ;-)

  • Congratulations on your 5th anniversary! I’ll be dreaming of being in Paris and celebrating with you….instead of being in a suburb of Toronto and doing laundry on a Friday night. Sigh.

  • My 12-year old daughter and I just returned to St. Paul from a week in Paris. Your book made such a difference in our trip – thank you!!

  • Wish I could be there, Clotilde. I’ve been following your blog for about a year now and always enjoy it. Happy anniversary!

  • Lon

    Joyeux anniversaire et bonne fête, Clotilde. I have just recently discovered your blog and as a ravenous fan of anything edible, am enjoying savoring the site. Alas, if only your anniversary were in May when I was en Paris. I was staying at Nouvel Hôtel just off Place de la Nation in the 11° arr. I could have walked to Bocata (and more importantly, walked back to the hotel after drinking!). Alas, I shall be en Guatemala instead. I shall eat a tamal chapín (made in banana leaves) in honor!

  • eileen

    All the best wishes, and many happy returns of the day! I’ll raise a glass in Belgique…

  • Alas! I won’t be able to come… but Clotilde, would you do me a favour? Have an extra drink for me?

    Thank you, congratulations and Bon anniversaire!

  • We’ll be winging our way home while you’re celebrating but our hearts will be with you. Happy blogbirthday and love to you and to Maxence.


  • Happy 5th Birthday C&Z!!
    Gosh, 5 years… that is seriously a long time – & it’s amazing that you carved out a career from it – sooo inspirational to everyone who reads your site (& books!), including myself! I discovered your blog before I started mine, & you partly influenced me to set up a blog too! Have fun at the party – get drunk girl!!! xx

  • Andrew

    5 years?

    Congratulations & félicitations.

    That’s an achievement to be proud of. I wish I could be there but… When you celebrate next year I hope to be able to make it.

    Enjoy, you have more than earned it.

  • Susan

    Happy Birthday C&Z! It’s been wonderful that you’re around to serve good quality food blogs to the public!

    More Power!


  • Malcolm

    Happy Birthday and congratulations for making it to the milestone. I am so jealous of everyone who would have been able to make it there to celebrate with you.

    I have been hunting all over Perth looking for a dough whisk and I have met lots of people here who have seen them but no-one who sells them. I have even asked the owner of the French cafe Choux if he has seen them and he has, as wall decorations…according to him they are quite an old fashioned implement. My search continues.

  • Jen

    Joyeux anniversaire C&Z!! I have been reading your wonderful blog since the beginning. It has been so exciting to see it grow. Thank you for all your hard work and I wish I was in Paris to celebrate with everyone.

  • Thanks for 5 great years and here’s to 5 more!!


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