Food Blog Award Nominations And A Nod From Le Monde

The official nominations for the 2004 Food Blog Awards have been posted, and it is with great joy that I can announce the nomination of Chocolate & Zucchini in four categories:
Best Writing,
Best Site Design,
Best Recipes and
Best Overall Food Blog!

Many many thanks to all of you who have kindly expressed your appreciation, the blog and I are very honored and rosy-cheeked with pride.

The actual voting has now commenced! You can use the links above to get to the voting polls, and you will also find a link in the upper right-hand corner on The Accidental Hedonist website. Navigate between the categories (you don’t have to vote in all of them) and make sure you hit the “Vote” button when you’ve made your choice (hitting “Next” will not validate the vote). Voting will end on December 31st at midnight PST.

In other news, Chocolate & Zucchini is mentioned in a small article in the Le Monde newsletter today (for the non-French among you, Le Monde is — more or less — the French New York Times):

BLOGS DU GLOBE : Chère faible
Courgettes et chocolat, hamburger et croissant. Clotilde et Estelle sont des cordons-blogs dont le cœur balance. Sur les deux rives de l’Atlantique. “L’hédoniste accidentelle” liste les meilleurs foodblogs. Tous chantent “C’est moi qui l’ai fait !” Du jardin d’Eden à la lie, les plaisirs de la chère.”

Which could be thus translated:
BLOGS FROM THE GLOBE : Chère faible*
Chocolate and zucchini, hamburger and croissant. Clotilde and Estelle are cordon-blogs whose hearts belong to both sides of the Atlantic. The Accidental Hedonist lists the best foodblogs. All of them sing “I made it myself!“. From the garden of Eden to the sediment, the pleasures of food.”

*Chère faible is a pun on the homonymous chère (food), and chair (flesh). The expression la chair est faible originally comes from the Bible (“the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak”), saying that our instincts steer us towards whatever feels (or here, tastes) good.

[Thanks a lot to my mother for spotting that one!]

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  • Congratulations on all your nominations, Clotilde! It was lovely seeing how many fans came out to sing your praises during the nominating phase.

    And well done on the mention in Le Monde – that newspaper is doing lots of interesting things with blogs at the moment, and I’m glad they’re aware of one of France’s best blog exports!

  • melinda

    Congrats, Congrats….well-deserved…that calls for some sort of food reward, no?

  • joan

    what next? The Oscars? A Booker Prize? President Clotilde?

    wonderfully exciting news…Clotilde we will drink to you, and all c ‘n zers on 25th. My son is preparing the meal! What a treat…

  • Hi Clotilde,

    Good luck in the final voting. You have a great site here and should have no trouble walking away with an award (or two, or four). =) Been a fan for quite some time now.

  • paula

    Congratulations Clotilde! I have been reading your blog for about 4 months now, and you’ve really inspired me to become interested in and open-minded about food! I’m taking cooking baby steps now, so last night when I hosted and cooked nibbles for our staff Xmas parties, one of the recipes I used was from your site – the chicken nuggets you posted in March 2004. I fiddled with the recipe since herbs de provence are not available in Korea, and turned it into a Italian recipe by changing the spices and adding parmesan to the breading. They were a big hit and I told everyone to come check out your site! Thanks so much!

  • erin

    What an honor! I have been reading Le Monde since high school, it is one of my favorites!
    Good luck on the voting, I am sure you will be on top!

  • congratulations Clothilde and a Merry Christmas too. I hope 2005 brings you even more happiness and success! Its all well deserved.

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