Food Blog Awards: Thank You!

Kate, a.k.a. the Accidental Hedonist is currently unveiling the final results of the Food Blog Awards — and savoring it oh-so-slooooooowly, the girl knows how to create a suspense!

I am proud and delighted to announce that I have been voted Best Food Blog for Writing and Recipes! Many thanks for your votes and your support, I am most, most honored!

And be sure to pay a visit to my esteemed co-nominees: Pim, Debra, Molly, Renee, Mik, Elise, Rachael and Johanna.

Things Clotilde Loves

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  • David

    Congratulations Clotilde!! But we knew all along how it would turn out!


  • jerusha

    so well-deserved (and I am glad my votes helped!). -jerusha

  • Joan

    Oh Clotilde…how happy I am for you..thrilled and tickled pink! Both awards are for all that amazing effort you put into your blog ~ chocolateandzucchini reflects, for me, your sun-dappled spirit. It is a treat, a daily dose of delight, for me each and every day to open c’nz. Merci! My sister-in-law and I will raise our glasses tonight…we dine at an Italian restaurant in Leichhardt (if ever you reach Sydney, Leichhardt and surrounds will certainly be worth a visit)..again, congrats! fun news so early in the morn…7.14am here..:-))))

  • erin

    Congratulations! I had no doubts in my mind!

  • serena

    congrats, clotilde! you deserve it :)

  • Mazel tov, Clotilde! As the others said, it’s no surprise and well deserved.

  • Barbara

    Congratulations Clotilde. Enjoy your day and I’m sure you will celebrate well into the evening with your Parisian friends. Your world friends will celebrate your success in our own ways. For me, it will be to forward C&Z to foodie friends I have not yet sent it to.

  • alan

    Congratulations, Clotilde! My wife and I absolutely adore CNZ and read it religiously for your writing and recipes! We never had a doubt in our minds that the rest of the foodie community would agree!

  • As I said over at Kate’s site: felicitations, Clotilde! I speak not only for myself but also for many others when I say that C&Z has been a huge inspiration…

  • sam

    Well done Ms Clotilde! When making my decision for this category I suddenly realised you were the only food blog from which I’d actually used a recipe (so far), so of course that influenced my decision.A very successful recipe it was too. If I wasn’t being so frugal, post Christmas, I’d have half a mind to bake another batch of Gâteau Fondant au Chocolat et Noisettes Caramélisées right now! May I ask you a question? Are all your recipes original? I feel I ought only publish original recipes on my site. I include links or references if I use other peoples’. I was justwondering how other bloggers handle this question/copyright issue.
    happy 2005!

  • Bravo Clotilde. You really deserve it. What’s next …

  • mhmm….
    your site is really delicious !

    take care
    and congrats :)

  • swan

    but ofcourse!!!

  • All – Many thanks for your warm congratulations!

    Sam – The great majority of recipes on C&Z are personal creations, and I always give credit when credit is due — for example in the recipe you mention (so glad you liked it!) I explain that the chocolate cake base is adapted from a Cook’s Illustrated recipe, and I list my modifications. Of course, the line is always fuzzy for recipes and ownership, but I let common sense and honesty be my guides!

  • melinda

    felicitations….I am not surprized, of course, all of us really appreciate your hard work & wonderful sense of “foodness”…cheers

  • Clotilde, you’ve always been a winner in my heart. Congrats on your double win!

  • sam

    thank you Clotilde, for the explanation. You sound like a girl after my own heart! Since I realised that I am actually capable of inventing and publishing my own recipes, the food blogging has got a little more edgy and exctiting for me. Having a platform off of which to showcase personal creativity is exciting and I am grateful for this medium we all make use of and enjoy so much, especially the fantastic community apsect of it all.

  • At least one vote came from Memphis, even if you don’t have much barbecue on the blog! :D

  • Ann/brighidsdaughter

    Congratulations, Clotilde! I am so happy about your wins. They are most well-deserved. You had my votes all the way.

  • Mik

    Congratulation on your double win, Clotilde and a Happy 2005!

  • Hate to repeat everyone else, but you absolutely deserved these awards.

  • Reen


  • Hi Clotilde,

    Congratulations on your TWO wins at the 2004 Food Blog Awards. Great job!


  • Your papounet

    I’m so proud…

  • Doing a happy dance for you, Clotilde! Congrats!

  • Meg

    Clotilde, am I mistaken or do you actually have THREE wins? Seems to me there is also an award for “design” out there…!


  • FOUR, actually. Congratulations Clotilde!

  • Congratulations on all of your awards!!

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