Les Invasions Gourmandes

Les Invasions Gourmandes

From now until November 13th, a promotional event around food will be held at Le Printemps de la Maison (the home section of the famous Parisian department store). The event is called Les Invasions Gourmandes, which could be loosely translated as “gourmet invasions”, and involves a variety of artists, culinary designers and chefs who will do their best to entertain, surprise and delight.

To my great pleasure and honor, I have been asked to participate, and can now unveil one of the projects I’ve been working on, in the company of culinary stage designer Marion Chatelain. The event we have thought up and created is a Bar à Veloutés (“velvety bar”) — two (free) tasting sessions during which our visitors will be able to compose their own little glass of creamy goodness, sweet or savory, with the toppings and edible accessories of their choice.

If you are in the area at the time of our sessions, please come by, we will be happy to have you!

3rd floor of Le Printemps de la Maison
64 bd Haussman, 75009 Paris
– Thursday, November 4th, from 6pm to 8pm,
– Saturday, November 6th, from 3:30pm to 5:30pm.

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  • Maman

    See you, then, on saturday afternoon ! It will probably be quite crowded (free tasting !). Do you think “Les Invasions Gourmandes” is a clin d’oeil to the French Canadian film “Les Invasions Barbares” ? Though the subject is quite different…

  • Congratulations! It’s wonderful to see that you are having so much success. :-) I hope you will tell us all about it, including who the other Gourmandes are and what they choose to bring!

  • that sounds exciting! have fun, and get back to us and tell us how everything’s gone!

  • That’s so cool. I’m going to try to stop by for some velvety goodness!

  • wow, that is fantastic. I will be arriving in Paris from Amsterdam on Monday the 10th so unfortunately I will be missing your tasting sessions….

  • Tiffany

    That sounds like a whole lot of fun! I will be in Paris, but only for a day on 5 Nov, so I will miss it :( Hope you have a fabulous time, and we’ll wait eagerly for you to report back!

  • Elisabeth

    Congratulations! I have become a great fan of your blog for many months now. It is my good fortune to be in Paris, on a much anticipated trip, during your event. I look forward to seeing you.

  • Pim

    Sounds like fun. I got an email from Restaurant Pierre Gagnaire a month or so ago about this–he is doing something there as well. You are in great company.


  • Sounds like a fun event. I have a friend visiting from the US, so we’re putting this on the agenda! See you Saturday.

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