Paris Event Reminder

Are you in Paris this weekend? Would you like to meet? Good news, we have two opportunities to do so!

On Saturday, October 16, join me at the Bibliothèque Nationale de France from 11am till noon, for a discussion on food blogs (in French) as part of a series of talks called Les Samedis du Savoir. (The event is free and open to the public.)

And on Sunday, October 17, please come and have a drink with us as we celebrate the 7th anniversary of Chocolate & Zucchini at Café Charbon; we’ll be there from 7pm (109 rue Oberkampf in the 11th, see map).

I hope you can make it to one or both of these occasions, and I look forward to meeting you in person!

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  • I would love to come! Last minute trip to Paris for the weekend?

  • Sounds like a great trip!

  • Zoeh

    THANK YOU SNCF for cancelling my non-refundable TGVs for the weekend away I booked 3 days before you first posted the info Clotilde (aargh!), so I should be able to make it to both after all!
    So long as I can get a refund rather than have to get on another train…

  • Aww, I was in Paris last weekend (really) :) Congrats on 7 years!

  • Oh ben je serai peut-être là demain matin, vu que j’habite tout près… (si j’ai le courage de me bouger…)

  • I wish I could come. Would be nice to meet you! Congratulations on your 7th anniversary.

  • Sounds like a wonderful trip to the most romantic city!

  • Such an interesting talk this morning! Congratulations on keeping your blog so fresh and interesting for so long!

  • I’m mostly a lurker, but I’ll come if I can.

    Congratulations on seven years!

  • How fun, I wish I was in Paris hearing you speak. That would be so fantastic! A flight from San Jose California is too pricey for me though! ;)

  • Just left for home on Friday and a good thing too by the look of things. I would have loved to have seen you. I DID pick up a copy of Elle a table. I completely forgot you were a contributor so it was a nice suprise.

  • Thanks so much to all of you who came by, it was an absolute pleasure to meet you!

  • So BUMMED I missed you. I WAS in Paris (my first visit ever). Had just gotten in the day before. What a lovely city. You are so very very lucky.

    P.s. read your Edible Adventures guide before I went and it was a BIG help. Thank you!

  • I would have loved to come and meet you but I found out too late. Plus I live in the French Alps and with the strikes I probably wouldnt have made it anyway. In fact, I had to cancel a trip to Torino because of them. Hope to catch you the next time! Cynthia in the French Alps

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