Reminder! WBW13: Like Wine For Chocolate

Like Wine For Chocolate

As previously announced, I will be hosting the 13th edition of Wine Blogging Wednesday on September 7th, with the theme Like Wine For Chocolate.

So! You have just five days to bake a luscious smooth chocolate cake, pick a delicious wine to complement magnify enhance it, and write all about it!

More details can be found here, and don’t forget to send me an email with a link to your entry once you’ve posted it.

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  • Today I made the chocolate cake and it looks good. Tomorrow we get to taste it with a variety of wines.

  • I challenge other food bloggers to give aid to those who worked in the food industry and made New Orleans so flavorful:

    New Orleans Hospitality Workers Disaster Relief Fund A fund has been established to benefit employees of the hospitality industry of the Greater New Orleans area who have experienced hardships because of the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina. Contributions may be sent to:

    New Orleans Hospitality Workers Disaster Relief Fund
    Greater Houston Community Foundation
    4550 Post Oak Place, Suite 100
    Houston, TX 77027
    Call 713-333-2200 for additional information

  • Kelly

    This is “Blog for Relief” weekend to aid victims of Hurricane Katrina. Hopefully, your time in the U.S. will inspire you to participate. Check it out?

  • Clotilde –

    I’m having some email problems, so I wanted to post my permalink here as well, just in case the email doesn’t come through.

    Thank you for hosting this very sweet theme!

  • Yes!

    We weren’t able to make the cake but had fun pairing 3 different wines with an assortment of chocolates:

  • I was just in Milan staying at the Hotel Bulgari. they had this amazing garden littered with large chocolate brown couches and candles everywhere.Every night we would go sit in the garden and order a bottle of dessert wine. We had a reciotto twice along with an assortment of handmade truffles filled with fresh coconut, ginger, and coffee beans. Reciotto is my choice for a chocolate accompaniment. You can read more about my meals in Milan and Sardinia at:

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