The Paris I Promised

The Paris I Promised
Photograph by Marie Hennechart

Two weeks ago I mentioned that I had written an article for the May issue of Budget Travel magazine, in which I shared some of my favorite food-related addresses in Paris. Well, ze article is now available online for your perusal…

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  • jen h

    Your blog is invaluable, and the article was awesome. Thanks for letting your readers visit Paris with you!

  • Great work on the article. I am planning my dream trip now…

    Tokyo can be an amazing food city, but not in the charming ways you describe your Paris, as always- thank you for sharing.


  • Fantastic article, as always!
    Hope this will give me a nice taste of Paris once I go and visit.
    Thanks Clotilde.

  • An excellent article Clotilde. I recognised some places and discovered a whole lot more for my next trip.

  • joan

    has a row of shopping trollies EVER looked more gorgeous! That word “Paris” has a magic all its own.

  • swan

    As if I needed an excuse…but you just gave me one to go back to Paris real soon! ( I was there three weeks ago…).
    Oh, and ofcourse because I haven’t tasted all Pierre Hermé has to offer…and because we couldn’t find Rose Bakery (or perhaps they’re just closed on mondays?)…and because I bought some great shoes and want them in another colour as well (preferably in ALL other colours :-) ), and…and…and….!!

  • denis balent

    u did it again clotilde…. i am mouth watering here in london at midnight…. fantastic article and i think i will need to plan my trip around your adresses… Merci, Denis

  • charlotte

    The last copy of Budget Travel from the drugstore, Chocolate Hazelnut spread AND Choco&Biscuit from Aldi (so fun to read the comments on the gianduioso article)…
    makes for a delicious evening!
    Thanks Clotilde, for the article and pictures, and again for C&Z!
    I LOVE this blog, and the readers aren’t bad either ;-)
    (some pics at )

  • Rainey

    I read it a couple days ago on the front page of MSNBC. Chapeau on becoming an international culinary force! Someone’s got to take over the ground that Martha Stewart has burned and salted. ;>

    PS Thanks again and a million more times for the forum. I find it warm and funny and informative and in every way wonderful on a daily basis! xoxoxoxo

  • Very nice article.

    I wish I had read it three weeks ago before my trip to France.

    I’ve saved it for my next trip.


  • Carlo

    Great blog and great article. I’ve been to Paris only once and now you’ve really made me want to go back.


  • j

    Hi Clotide..that was a very informative and well research article. Certainly makes one want to plan a visit as per an itienary listed by you.

  • I was waiting for it. It’s great!

    Thank you!
    I would love to translate it for my blog in spanish.

  • LauraB

    Great article Clothide!
    Nearing the end of a long Paris visit, I had worked through most of my restaurant list, and your article has infused some new life into the last couple of weeks of my dining here.
    I had a wonderful Sunday brunch at Le Pain Quotidien. Later in the week had a great lunch/dessert at R”Aliment (btw I love that ricotta fraises dessert! What else do you think is in it– it can’t be just those two ingredients, can it?)
    And today had lunch along with a little gift shopping at Boulangépicier.
    Thanks again!

  • Enjoyed the article a lot. I first saw it on the BP board where someone posted the link. I love it when you mention places to go in Paris on your blog and in these articles. I like to add them to my list of things to see on future trips to Paris.

  • thank you for mentioning the Rose bakery, the tart d’abricot I bought there still haunts my taste buds saying more, more…and for a superlative trip through ‘your market’

  • Ira

    What an excellent expirience reading your sharming article and the blog!
    Thank you for sharing, Clotilde.

  • Jeff

    Great article! Wish I had found your blog before our first trip to Paris two weeks ago. ;(

  • Caryn

    We will be in Paris in July at the end of a two week trip to France (spending previous time in Perigord Noir/Dordogne and then in the Loire Valley). Can’t wait to try some of your recommendations. If anyone has recommendations for the above mentioned areas, I’d love to hear them!

  • judd

    i read your article in budget travel and my wife and i will be in paris mid july for our honeymoon…i hope to visit as many of your recommendations as possible…might you suggest someplace particularly charming – a store, restaurant, park, etc…? thank you clotilde

  • Hi Clotilde,
    Wonderful article! Is there much different from 2005 that you would change? I am bringing my family to Paris and some other parts of France (as yet, to be determined) in 8/09. Timing is a bummer but only available miles ticketes!
    Happy new year!

  • Katie – Yes, there are many changes/additions I would make to that 2005 list, and in fact, I have compiled them into a book of Paris food recommendations that you may find helpful to plan your trip; it is called Clotilde’s Edible Adventures in Paris.

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