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At the lovely Pousse-Pousse boutique the other day, I bought myself a sprouter, and two tubs of sprouting seeds. A […]

  • 5
  • January 31, 2004
Stuffed Zucchini
French Stuffed Zucchini

Courgettes farcies We buy most of our fruits and vegetables at our favorite little fruit stand on rue des Abbesses, […]

  • 15
  • January 30, 2004
Fennel and Orange Peel Soup
Fennel and Orange Peel Soup

Soupe de fenouil à l’écorce d’orange Introducing: the latest brainchild of my soup kick. I was on the bus home […]

  • 22
  • January 29, 2004
Scottish Caramel Shortcake

Oh my. This is one of the many luscious gifts that my blog-friend Jackie gave me when we met in […]

  • 20
  • January 28, 2004
Yahoo Picks Chocolate & Zucchini !

Many thanks to Yahoo! for making Chocolate & Zucchini the Pick of the Day!

  • 7
  • January 28, 2004
Sauteed Ginger Beef and Cabbage

As much as I love to cook, it is sometimes very nice to have your boyfriend say, on a lazy […]

  • 9
  • January 27, 2004
Kitchen Confidential

[Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly] Anthony Bourdain attended the Culinary Institute of America 25 years ago, has been in the […]

  • 21
  • January 26, 2004
A Truckload of Shortbread Cookies

What could possibly beat a box of shortbread cookies?

  • 8
  • January 25, 2004
Le Délicieux Confit d’Oignon de Jackie

Remember how I told you that Jackie and I, the cooking twins, had met in real life, in London? Remember […]

  • 7
  • January 24, 2004
In Which She Finally Gets Her Hands On Pierre Hermé’s Book

Last fall, I met the friend of a friend at a party and discovered to my great excitement that he […]

  • 11
  • January 23, 2004
Sesame Zucchini Soup

[Sesame Zucchini Soup] Oh, did I mention I am in full soup-making mode these days? It could be the grey […]

  • 11
  • January 22, 2004
Chocolate and Orange Palm Leaf Cookies

[Chocolate and Orange Palm Leaf Cookies] If you browse through the row of cookbooks lined up on top of our […]

  • 27
  • January 21, 2004
The Last Bite Axiom (and Corollaries)

As you well know, I give a fair amount of thought to food (understatement of the year). Lately, I’ve been […]

  • 27
  • January 20, 2004
2004 Weblog Awards

I am thrilled and honored to announce that Chocolate & Zucchini has been nominated for the 2004 Weblog Awards – […]

  • 13
  • January 20, 2004

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