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Warm Potato Salad

[Warm Potato Salad] The other day, when my Campanier basket included a bag of Charlottes, Jackie mentioned that her favorite […]

  • 9
  • March 1, 2004
Black Radish "Chips"
Black Radish “Chips”

My vegetable basket this week included three black radishes, oblong and rather large. Black radish is another one of those […]

  • 14
  • February 29, 2004
Archive Spotlight

In the five months since the birth of Chocolate & Zucchini, I have written approximately one hundred and fifty entries, […]

  • 10
  • February 28, 2004
IKEA-Style Oat Crisps
The Double Chocolate Crisp Quest

UPDATE: I have now found a great recipe for IKEA-style havreflarn! And today, it is with a plea for help […]

  • 43
  • February 27, 2004
L’Etoile d’Or

L’Etoile d’Or is a little candy store in the rue Fontaine, sprung right out of a fairy tale. It is […]

  • 24
  • February 26, 2004
Is My Blog Burning? The Tartine Edition

Feeling very bad about not finding the time to make soup for the first Is My Blog Burning? event, I […]

  • 31
  • February 25, 2004
Broccoli Mimolette Soup

[Broccoli Mimolette Soup] This soup has to be the best broccoli soup I’ve ever had – and without a doubt […]

  • 21
  • February 24, 2004
Buckwheat crêpe
Buckwheat Crêpes (or Galettes)

Galettes de sarrasin Tomorrow is Mardi-Gras, the last day before Lent begins. The Mardi-Gras tradition in France, amongst other things, […]

  • 34
  • February 23, 2004
Galette Essenienne

I bought this at Pousse-Pousse, the little boutique where I buy my sprouting seeds and where I collect my weekly […]

  • 9
  • February 21, 2004
Apple and Date Crumble

[Apple and Date Crumble] And this is the third (and final) item I baked for last Sunday’s Goûter de Cousins, […]

  • 8
  • February 20, 2004
Flourless Orange and Ginger Cake
Flourless Orange and Ginger Cake

Gâteau à l’orange et au gingembre This is another cake I baked for our Goûter de Cousins last Sunday. I […]

  • 84
  • February 19, 2004
Chocolate Cake with Caramelized Hazelnuts

[Chocolate Cake with Caramelized Hazelnuts] Last Sunday afternoon, my sister Céline and I organized a “Goûter de Cousins” at my […]

  • 13
  • February 18, 2004
Pear and Candied Chestnut Crumble

This is the very quick and yummy dessert I served our friends the other night, just before we got back […]

  • 13
  • February 17, 2004
Chicken Udon with Cabbage and Parsnip

The other night, we had two friends over for a casual dinner : Marion, a friend of mine from university, […]

  • 4
  • February 16, 2004

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