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The Last Bite Axiom (and Corollaries)

As you well know, I give a fair amount of thought to food (understatement of the year). Lately, I’ve been […]

  • 27
  • January 20, 2004
2004 Weblog Awards

I am thrilled and honored to announce that Chocolate & Zucchini has been nominated for the 2004 Weblog Awards – […]

  • 13
  • January 20, 2004
The Travelling Gourmande in London

And here we are, back from a fabulous week-end in London! Our friends Zoe and Richard (wonderful and kind and […]

  • 13
  • January 19, 2004
Lemon and Fleur de Sel Butter Cookies

[Lemon and Fleur de Sel Butter Cookies] Jackie recently talked about Fleur de Sel on her great Daily Bread blog. […]

  • 17
  • January 16, 2004
Aux Lyonnais

Last Friday, on the eve of my darling Maxence’s 25th birthday, I took him out to dinner. Usually, I know […]

  • 35
  • January 15, 2004
Velvety Lentil Chestnut Soup

[Velvety Lentil Chestnut Soup] I think I am getting the hang and love and joy of soup. I told you […]

  • 26
  • January 14, 2004
Oeuf Cocotte : Take 2

Admittedly, the picture looks like somebody’s idea of a volcanic eruption, but this is really the Oeuf Cocotte I made […]

  • 6
  • January 13, 2004
White Sausage, Apple and Potato Mash
Truffle Hazelnut Boudin Blanc, Apple and Potato Mash

Boudin Blanc, Deux Pommes en Purée Boudin blanc is a soft sausage, made with white meat (usually chicken or veal) […]

  • 8
  • January 12, 2004
Coconut and White Chocolate Cake

[Coconut and White Chocolate Cake] As you know, yesterday was Maxence’s birthday : I treated him to a nice dinner […]

  • 15
  • January 11, 2004
Picture Gallery

New feature on Chocolate & Zucchini! I have created a picture gallery to showcase the photos I take to illustrate […]

  • 10
  • January 10, 2004
How the Fuck Do I Prepare Eggplant? and Other Search Phrases

Thanks to Maxence’s excellent home-hosting skills, Chocolate & Zucchini lives on a server in our apartment, cuddling up against muCommander. […]

  • 14
  • January 9, 2004
The Cookbooks To End All Cookbooks

Introducing the most beautiful cookbooks of all times : Le Grand Livre de Cuisine d’Alain Ducasse and his little brother […]

  • 15
  • January 8, 2004
Confiture de l’An Neuf

[New Year Jam] Just a couple of days ago, I happened to be around La Grande Epicerie de Paris, the […]

  • 13
  • January 7, 2004
Chez Catherine

A couple of weeks ago, Maxence and I celebrated our seventh dating anniversary. To mark the occasion, we had decided […]

  • 20
  • January 6, 2004

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