Shortcut Orangettes Recipe


In addition to the florentins, my little food gift packages for the holidays included orangettes, those little strips of candied orange peel dipped in dark chocolate.

I called these shortcut orangettes because I made them with candied orange rind I had bought at Ali Baba’s Cave for Bakers. I could have called them Cheater’s Orangettes too, but I thought it somewhat disparaging. You could candy your own of course, it’s excellent karma: I myself did it once, using this recipe, and found it to be not very difficult, just a little time-consuming.

Shortcut orangettes on the other hand are a breeze to make, not to mention a real pleasure: few things in life can compare to standing above a bowl of melted chocolat de couverture dropping handfuls of candied orange strips in it, watching them immerse themselves lusciously in their chocolate spa, scooping them out with your handy-dandy chocolate dipping fork, then setting them out delicately to dry on a shiny feuille guitare, maybe with a little soft music in the background.

Nice and chewy, smooth and chocolaty with a hint of bitterness, these have to be the easiest chocolate bites you can make. The chocolate/orange pairing, a small miracle in and of itself, makes them the perfect fancy companions to a cup of strong espresso. On their own, simply nibbled on while you read a magazine? It works too.

Shortcut Orangettes

– 230 g candied orange rind
– 200 g good-quality dark chocolate, preferably chocolat de couverture

(Makes 70 orangettes.)

Cut the candied orange rind in 5-cm (2-inch) sticks. Melt the chocolate in a double-boiler or in a heat-resistant bowl set in a saucepan of simmering water. Put a handful of orange rind sticks in the melted chocolate and stir to coat.

Using a fork (a chocolate dipping fork if you have one), lift the orangettes one by one out of the chocolate, giving them a few seconds to drain the excess chocolate, and deposit on a sheet of parchment paper, or better yet, a feuille guitare (a special sheet of plastic that chocolate makers use to ensure a shiny finish).

Let cool until the chocolate has completely hardened, and package up in pretty crystal bags.

  • fallenangel

    your shortcut orangettes are amazing… i’ll prepare them tomorrow for my aunt who just loves oranges and chocolate. I wanted to tell you that your blog is incredible and i’m going to vote right now for you…

  • abc

    Shouldn’t you temper your chocolate?

  • abc

    That sounds a little more personal than i wanted it to. I meant, is all well somehow with these if you dont?

  • Auntie M

    I love buying orangettes. Who knew they could be so easy to make?

  • clotilde

    Abc – I don’t know, I’ve never really looked into the business of tempering your chocolate, it seems terribly involved, with precise temperatures and the like… In any case, these work perfectly well with simple, candidly melted chocolate — maybe a professional chocolate maker would frown at them, but my family didn’t! :)

  • baklavaqueen

    Wow, Clotilde! How terrific to find you had the same idea I did! I made some candied orange rind before the holidays… just on a whim, wanted to see how it worked… and I did the same thing, melting milk chocolate chips and dipping the rind. (Though I have to say yours are much more photogenic!) What a treat!

    Bonne annee!

  • Milton

    Best shortcut orangettes I ever ate are those made by MAGLIO ( a little producer in south-eastern Italy, where I live ), bought in Bari. Regularly I buy some, eating them in 2-3 days maximum.

  • Beauty Follower

    My fave choco-delight!

    • Clotilde Dusoulier

      Love those too! I find the pairing of sweet and subtly bitter to be quite wonderful.

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