Pear Pastilla on NPR and a Mention in ELLE Recipe

Pear Pastilla

I am just back from my delicious vacation, and while I organize my notes to tell you all about the wonderful food we had in the south-west of France, let me direct you to my newest piece on NPR: crunchy and warm pear tartlets, a fall dessert inspired by the Moroccan pastilla.

On another note, C&Z is featured in this week’s French edition of ELLE magazine, in an article about blogs culinaires. Just one year after the first mention, this one is more detailed (and flattering) — a lovely gift to come home to!

And if you don’t read French, here’s an English version of my own personal little blurb (I blush just translating it):

“The celebrity: Clotilde, author of Chocolate & Zucchini (in English). With ten thousand daily visitors, Clotilde Dusoulier is a reference in the world of food blogs. A lover of fresh produce, but also chocolate in all shapes and forms, she has named her journal “Chocolat et Courgettes“. This 26-year-old Montmartroise created her blog in September of 2003, and online fans have been bustling in since then. Her fame is such that she is often contacted by American media, who love this “so parisian” girl, earning her new visitors from the other side of the Atlantic. She has developed a faithful following of daily readers, attracted by her writing and her photography.”

(Many thanks to Camille for the article, and to Karym for the photography!)

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  • Theresa

    Another beautifully written NPR piece; your description and photo not only have my mouth watering for this little pear bundle, but feed my romantic notions of the autumn season. Can’t wait to gather the ingredients and make my own “perfect pastilla.”

    And BRAVO on the ELLE feature — “superstar du Net” indeed. There’s always something to celebrate on Chocolate & Zucchini!

  • J’ai lu et c’est tout à fait mérité. Tu es venu ici dans le Sud ouest ?
    bravo pour tout ton blog !

  • Bravo et toutes mes Félicitations. Clotilde !

  • le succès continue ! félicitations Clotilde ! pour la tartelette aussi ! bises.

  • Clotilde: I hope you had a lovely vacation. While you were out I stumbled upon your blog while doing research to start my own. Where have I been the last two years??? Oh yeah— in school. Anyway, I’d like to formally introduce myself, My name is Darla and I am a native to Washington State, but am now blogging about my adventures in Iowa (oxymoron, no?). Congratulations on your success, and I wanted to let you know that my blog has a little crush on your blog. Don’t worry, it’s had all of its shots.

  • Monica

    What? No making memories of pigeon-hunting on the sidewalks of Paris? I suppose you’re right, and I would have preferred chicken myself. But now the pear dessert sounds absolutely delicious. Congratulations on the article and the Elle mention!

  • Welcome back, Clotilde! I just wanted to wish you all the best in your new ‘day job’ – how exciting for you. And I was thrilled to read about you in The Age – great to see that you are receiving some well-deserved media space.

    Cheers from Down Under!

  • welcome back clotilde.

    i have also made pastilla; such a convenient dish to make, into a sweet or savoury. i made a sweet version with ricotta cheese, saffron syrup and pistachio nuts through the filling. moreish!

  • p.s. you may also like to know that you were featured in an Australian newspaper (The Age) last week, with with Australian food bloggers (Spiceblog, Esurientes, and myself) and other internationational food blogs!

  • Congratulations on the article. Well deserved. I’m not familiar with NPR.Could you tell me about it?

  • Bravooo pour cette récompense, tu le mérites.

    A bientôt,


  • Welcome home Clotilde. We missed you! This looks absolutley wonderful.

    One question: How do you pronounce Pastilla? I found myself saying it as if it were a Spanish word, but I don’t know if that is correct.

    And congrats on your article Elle. C’est formidable!

    Maureen in Oakland

  • victoria

    I used to love you. Then I envied you, a little. Now I hate you! You and all your kind! You svelte little elegant French girls with your charm and panache and tiny waistlines and joie de vivre!

    You munch delicately on pastries we fat Americans would never allow ourselves (even if we had access to them), you never exercise (except for daintly traipsing around your beautiful city and that doesn’t count), you’re witty and graceful and archly intelligent (while we American women fear we will be thought unfeminine if we appear to be too intellectual or opinionated), you enjoy your freakishly long vacations (while we get fatter and fatter on fast food we eat without tasting while working at our desks).


  • Joan

    Dearest Clotilde, what a delight to see you’re back ~ I do hope we get to see some travel snaps :-) as for those gorgeous pear treats, I’ll be making a batch tomorrow night to share with the gal pals…Fridays being the gal pal evening…welcome back…oh, and the customary congratulations…am wondering if you’ve thought of the cover as yet…maybe you could get Philip Treacy to create a hat for you ..using both chocolate and zucchini of exciting it will all be! hugs


    Congratulations!!!! And YUM!

  • Alisa

    I have so much to say. Shocking. The Elle magazine piece is so great, for you and all the blogger girls! Hopefully there are a few issues left at the kiosks.
    NPR, National Public Radio is home to me, and you being part of it makes me smile inside. This Pear Pastilla piece does leave a few unanswered questions however:
    Where have you found phyllo in Paris?
    Is it as temperamental to work with as rumor tells?
    Glad you are back :)

  • How utterly wonderful! And, how much did I love, you being referred to as une “Montmartroise”! You are too cool for school, Clotilde.

  • verity74

    In England it’s FILO pastry, do the Amercians really call it Phyllo Dough?

  • Congratulations on the article. The pastilla looks gorgeous and will be on my list of “what to try next” particularly as I have regular company on weekends. I’m sure they’ll like it very much.

    verity, I’ve seen it spelled Phyllo and Filo in North America. Depends where or who you get it from.

  • Theresa


    I’ve found phyllo dough at both La Grande Epicerie du Bon Marché and my local Champion supermarket. Look for it in the section where you’d find prepared tarte crusts.

    Phyllo does require some patience and nimble fingerwork, but the results are definitely worth the effort (which can actually be fun!). Like so many things, this gets easier with practice.

  • Welcome back and congratulations! What a beautiful pastilla.

  • congratulations, great article Clotilde…wonder if you bought the pears at Marche Saint Quentin which you’ve mentioned before? On Sunday, I saw two kinds of pears in a stall there, green and knobby ones, then a slimmer more svelte version. Just wondering which you’d recommend…félicitations!

  • Rose

    Hi, Congratulations!!
    Am a recent regular. I dont cook… I just enjoy reading about ppl who do… and I love your pics… Continue… continue…

  • Félicitations! from another newly addicted reader. I used to start my day with the NYTimes & BBCnews…well to heck with that. This is way more delightful to a chocolate lover & food/wine artist. I was just wondering, in the ELLE article..”et ses photos font mouche” is that mouth-watering photos…? The idiomatic bits of French thrown into your blog help allot.

  • Your papounet

    The French idiomatic expression “faire mouche” means “to hit the bull’s-eye”, “to be right on target”, “to be spot on”.

    “mouche” (a fly) designates in this precise instance the very small black circle at the centre of the target, in the same way as “bull’s-eye” is used in English.

  • Forgive me for veering off-topic, but it’s worrying to hear the news from Paris. Hope your quartier is ok, Clotilde.

  • Ching

    Felicitations! I guess I would be considered one of those loyal visitors from “the other side of the Atlantic,” loving your blog site. What a cute spread in ELLE!

  • Sazon

    Hola Clotilde!

    I am from Miami and am looking forward to spending New Year’s in Paris this year!! I am a cubanita (Cuban) born and raised and really, really love delicious food (thanks to my mom, aunts and grandmothers who are wonderful cooks).

    I learned of your blog today from and must say you’ve got me hooked! Can’t wait to make it a daily visit… the more to enjoy your beautiful photos and delicious recipes.


  • Maureen – Pastilla is pronounced, I believe, “pass-tea-ya”. At least that’s how I say it!

    Alisa – Working with filo/phyllo isn’t as difficult as it is often made out to be. It tends to dry out easily so you need to cover the rest of the sheets as you work, but since it’s usually multiple layers, it’s really forgiving if you tear one a little… And I found mine at Champion, but I know Monoprix carries it too, with the ready-made rolls of pastry.

    Cara – My pears came from the Batignolles organic market!

    Jenni – We are quite safe, thank you. The unrest is mostly outside of Paris and our neighborhood has thankfully not suffered from any of it.

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