Flower Menu in ELLE Recipe

Raspberry Violet Tartlet

I heart the French edition of ELLE. It is my weekly Monday morning joy, my favorite reading material for solo lunches and bubbly baths, and I hate it when Mondays are a holiday, because it means no mail and hence no ELLE. I even found a way to subscribe when I lived in the US: each issue cost me the price of a small piece of jewelry and the delivery was more than sketchy — I would go without for weeks at a time and then four issues would arrive simultaneously — but it was a delicious breath of Parisian air in my California mailbox.

The French edition is quite different from the foreign ones I’ve seen: it is slimmer but less futile, if you can say that about a woman’s magazine, with a richer content that’s not just about runway shows and the perfect way to pluck your eyebrows. It has all that stuff, yes, but with a nice dose of cultural, political, and current affair topics thrown into the mix.

In light of this, you can imagine how happy I was when their food editor offered that I contribute to their special edition on cooking. Um, let me think… okay! I was asked to come up with a menu that would be chic, facile et mode (chic, easy, and trendy) — a bit of pressure can’t do you no harm — and I chose to go with a flower theme:

~ Zucchini poppy carpaccio,
~ Lavender-crusted duck magret,
~ Raspberry and violet tartlets.

Once I had created, tested, and written the recipes, they were styled by the in-house food stylist Valérie Lhomme, and shot by Edouard Sicot. As a bonus, I got to attend the photo shoot — always a fascinating experience — which took place in a studio just a few blocks from my apartment, an extremely convenient location when you happen to be wrapping up some manuscript or other.

So if you find yourself within walking distance of a French press kiosk between today and Sunday with 2.30€ in your pocket, might I suggest you spend them on this issue? In addition to my own recipes (page 126), you will find an all-strawberry menu by my friend Pascale, ten more pages on the new trends of food and cooking, a mini-guide to the Parisian food scene, and of course, all the regular sections of the magazine.

And if you can’t find the French ELLE where you live, let me grieve with you for a minute, before asking you to stay tuned: the English translation of my recipes will be published on C&Z this Wednesday.

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  • Beautiful picture and congratulations on the article! A food fantasy come true! Looking forward to the recipe.

  • Mazel tov from a new fan! Votre blog est super-génial. Cordialement, v.f.

  • I’ll be on the lookout in NY for Elle -what a good idea. Flower shops in Paris are the best too! I couldn’t get enough of them when I was there…

  • How fun! I’ll just have to try to find the French edition of Elle down here in Italy!

  • Bah! I’m in the States now, and I doubt I can find a French ELLE in this town. :(

    Félicitations, quand même!

  • caroline

    If your book doesn’t become lucrative, you could always start a business forwarding French Elle issues to your non-French readers in a timely manner and/or for a fraction of the cost.

  • oh you are living the life! and it is such a thrill to see how it all grows out of your own passions and your own work– so very very cool. *swoon*

  • Clotilde,
    Congrats! What a dream come true to write for one of your favorite magazines – and the recipes sound delicious!

  • Upon reading your post, I immediately went downstairs to the kiosk with exactly 2.30€ in change and bought French Elle. Your powers of persuasion are as enticing as your cooking skills! The photos and recipes look very yummy. Felicitations!

  • hmm… i COULD probably get a copy of the french edition… however, there’s that language barrier thing going on…

    hehe sounds like a fabulous issue! i WOULD love to see the photos taken…

  • Oh! Can’t wait for Wednesday… that raspberry tart looks fantastic. And the duck! Really looking forward to your post.

  • iamchanelle

    alas, no ELLE en Francais here for me! :(

    but better than that, we shall have it straight from the author herself! cannot wait for wednesday!

    congrats on such a fun opportunity! :)

  • Oh I can’t wait to see it! Congrats! What an honor!!

  • OK, I’m not a huge fan of ELLE usually (sorry), but this one I’ll certainly get – with both you and Scalli inside, how couldn’t I?

  • jessica

    Ahhhhh tres bien! This new American fan knows just where to pick up a French Elle, I’ll be on the lookout! Mazel tov!

  • Congratulations Clotilde on 1) finishing your book 2) this menu in the ultimate woman magazine! How exciting is that to read something YOU wrote in you favorite magazine in the World? I also miss the French elle and I keep all my old copies from various trips in case I need a fix!

  • Is it Wednesday yet? It can’t come fast enough! I’l sooo looking forward to reading those recipes, they sound superb!

    Well done, Clotilde!

  • Bravo! Je suis ravie pour vous et je suis aussi fan de Elle et leurs recettes sont chouettes et maintenant les vôtres dedans, c’est super.

  • J. Bo

    French edition of “Elle” complete with recipes a la Clotilde? Girl porn of the highest order!

  • Always Ace

    Clotilde, I too wanted to add my FELICITATIONS first of all for the completion of your book, which I await with baited breath…

    I know I am one among MANY fans here, humble me, and I showed up on the scene super-late, but I too LOVE your blog, and I adore your recipes… I am SO excited to try your strawberry pesto recipe that I read about yesterday… I should have posted my comment then, but I’m trying to make up for it now.

    Before going on for too long, I just wanted to say that I LOVE French Elle too! It’s really the only one I like! I’ve always found that the American one lacked interesting content — no women’s mag can beat French Elle for the great balance of topics, issues, photos, artwork — I could go on forever — and now YOUR RECIPES! I already knew I wanted to buy this week’s issue, but now I’m convinced even further! (Plus, French Elle is a weekly mag, what bliss…)

    Back when I was a student in Paris I had a subscription, and I want to get it at home again, but I’ve been holding out… really no more excuses!

    Toutes mes félicitations, tant de bonheur ! I hope maybe one day I might have the chance to meet you…


  • wow, that’s really something – as I a fan of Elle, good cooking and C&Z I am really glad for you:)

  • camille

    bravo à toi! tant de succès doivent te combler!

  • flo

    Bravo Clotilde, the menu is great! I particularly like the lavender-crusted duck, and I was thinking of flavouring my creme patissiere too, but with tonka bean! I have to try the syrup trick as well!
    Encore bravo!

  • French Elle was an absolute watershed in my personal history. My French teacher subscribed to the weekly French edition and I (13 years old in Minnesota, sitting in French I in 1982) was never the same after that. Congratulations on your appearance there!

    Recently I spent a small fortune and bought Maison Francaise, Marie Claire Maison, and one other French home magazine – I love the photos. I was in Chicago and took advantage of its bookstores.

    Alas, where I live… we have French Vogue, but no French Elle (or French anything else).

  • Laura

    Félicitations! That is amazing to be in one of your favourite magazines!

  • sam

    I am so chuffed for you. You go Clotilde!
    love sam x

  • may

    wheeee! =C)

    can’t wait for the english version… since i can’t get a copy here in the us… but perhaps when i am back in the uk!

  • I will run to my local newstand tomorrow to splurge and buy ELLE…the June 14th issue, c’est-ça? Tell us more about the photo shoot…

  • Interesting that Elle is a weekly mag there. Everywhere else I’ve seen, it’s a monthly. I wonder if your article will be on their website maybe… ?

  • Bravo et felicitations. Quelle honneur!
    Love the picture, too!

  • Poutchi

    Congratulations Clotilde !!!
    Excuse my english…
    I was so surprized to read you and Pascale were in the Elle !
    You can be proud because you are maybe the closed woman of Jen (Aniston) right now ! ;)

  • This is such a great site! I appreciate all of the thought and care that goes into it, a work of passion! Bravo!
    There is someone new and exciting, inspiring even, that I wanted to pass along…check out “Le Chefinier”, here is a passionate Chef at work, sharing his own sketchbook and culinary creations! I am looking forward to what comes next and hope to see more of his work.

  • p. angélique

    I too am a Californian and lived in France (Paris/Nantes) for many years. I understand the delight of the weekly Elle en VF. Ah the recipe cards!
    I once checked out from the Mediatheque a book called Elle Recettes, simply enough. It was my favorite cookbook of all time. It had all the basics, the classics, and some lovely non-traditional recipes (like the flower recipes). Each recipe had clear photos showing step-by-step instructions on how to accomplish it. To my great disappointment I didn’t buy it then, and I have never been able to find the book in the States.
    p.s. Love your site!
    p.p.s. I just saw in one of the comments that you have a book out (or coming out)! Wonderful, maybe that will console me while I wait to find my Elle Recettes :)

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