Is my Blog Burning? A Bouquet of Tartines Recipe

Is My Blog Burning? The Tartine Edition

Yesterday was the Tartine Edition of Is My Blog Burning? day, which I had the honor of hosting this time around. In this, I was following in the steps of Alberto, who originally fathered this fun event. Many thanks to all who participated with such enthusiasm!

In setting the theme, I had hoped it provided enough structure to give an air of commonality between the contributions, but that it was also open enough for each of the participants to express their own taste and personality and cooking style. I am very happy to say that it seems to have fit the bill perfectly!

It was a joy to receive each of your emails telling me about your tartine, to hurry and read your posts, and see all the wonderful creations you came up with. I find it ever so heartwarming to think of each of you in your kitchen, as the IMBB? date approached, contemplating the contents of your fridge or leafing through your favorite cookbooks, scratching your head, trying to come up with an idea, then getting to work, and finally sharing the fruits of your brain juices and labor with the rest of us.

I am delighted to get a sense of the community we are forming, and I am all for making this a regular event : “Jamais deux sans trois”, as we say in French! So if one of you out there has an idea for a theme and would like to host the next edition, do speak up!

And here is a list of the Tartines that our talented and creative bloggers thought up. If I have forgotten to include yours, profusely do I apologize, and please let me know so I can correct the omission!

Elise revived and shared a wonderful French picnic memory by way of her Peach Pâté Tartine.

The Too Many Chefs team thought – quite rightfully – that there was no such thing as Too Many Tartines, and submitted not one, not two or even three, but four tartine posts : Meg‘s English Tartine and her Trio of Traditional Tartines, and Barrett‘s Fuul’s Errand, as well as the only dessert tartine, his Nectarine of the Gods.

Deb achieved the quite impressive exploit of making an intricate Cauliflower Purée with Browned Butter and Hazelnuts Tartine on home baked bread, all the while taking care of her brand new little Ellie.

Amy shared a very cosmopolitan tartine : when France, California, Italy and Switzerland meet, what do you get? A Balsamic Onion Marmalade and Gruyere Tartine!

Elsa came up with a beautifully named and delicious sounding Cézanne Tartine.

Kim decided to showcase the greatest assortment of mushrooms in her Roasted Mushroom Tartine.

Alberto made an Italian-style tartine sampler, with four different tartines, all with an Italian twist.

Jenny created a Tartine San Francisco, which uses the best things California has to offer.

Renée made an awesome South East Asian Tartine, melding Indian, Indonesian, Malay and Chinese influences. The tale of its elaboration makes for a fascinating read, instructive and fun.

A new French food blogger just came into town! Meet Pascale and read about her Bruschetta de Rêve!

Dearest Jackie shared her Tartine Américaine (aka The Meatball Hoagie), an American staple with real chunks of childhood memories inside!

Wena, with the help of her wonderful Granny, came up with a Tartine Sembal Hebi.

Derrick graced us with a Leftovers Tartine, which I’m sure illustrates quite well the kind of luscious everyday fare Melissa and himself get to enjoy!

Amazingly enough, it is Stella‘s subsconscious who reminded her of the IMBB? event, prompting her to create a Tartine with Roasted Yurkey Breast, Tomatoes and Feta almost without thinking!

Charlotte made an array of Goat Cheese Toasts over the week-end, each a great pairing idea.

Makiko (and Max) made two tartines, a Luusesalbi tartine and a Hummus tartine (beautifully and cleverly decorated with paprika, I might add).

Foodgoat, in a masterful first tartine attempt, created a Tartine d’Tuna, as told to us by the charming Ladygoat.

Mark came up with a Tartine à la dinde chaude avec sauce, after a Thanksgiving theme.

Josh cooked up a Tartine with Bacon, Avocado and Mâche. Beautiful. Can I come have lunch with you Josh?

Donna contributed a Tapas Tartine. She took a pic but couldn’t upload it, so you’ll have to take my word for it : that is one good-lookin’ tapas tartine!

Meriko (aka shock) created a Triptych of Tartines (cool name if I ever saw one), using the leftovers from a wedding reception, no less!

Carlo made a Day-After Tartine, using leftovers too!

Mark created the coolest Deconstructed Caesar Salad Tartine, complete with parmesan flan.

Pim, as promised, puts a Thai spin on it with her Thai Beef Satay, Cucumber Salad and Peanut Sauce Tartine, which almost didn’t make it because of a ski injury. Hope the knee gets better soon, Pim!

And finally, yours truly whipped up a Tartine Chèvre et Pousses

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  • Meg

    Congratulations, Clotilde – the event was a big success! What a lot of great recipes you managed to gather with your idea! Thanks for giving us all an opportunity to participate…and come up with truly creative dishes. I’ll never look at a tartine the same way again!

  • wow! i’ve been drooling all day in the office waiting for the full list to come out.

    and yes, well done on organizing the 2nd IMBB? Tartine edition.

    wonder when the next one will come out?

  • Great job on hosting! It’s been so much fun reading all the tartine adventures. Thanks!

  • We did all that?!?! Can I eat lunch at 9:50 AM?!! After reading all that, I’m starving — and, of course, brought my leftover ingredients to make my tartines again at work…. yum.

  • ehiiiii
    my tartine is missing!!!


  • All – It is impressive, isn’t it? There’s 26 of us, and what variety! They come in all kinds and all colors, such a wealth of ideas!

    Carlo – I added yours to the list, thanks. The idea was for each participant to send me an email with a link, not for me to hunt them down, you see… :)

  • Amy

    What a lovely tribute to everyone who posted!

    I imagine if this trend continues it will be impossible to write up such nice descriptions of everyone’s efforts in the future as the event grows exponentially, but it does help with the premise to “see what people from different backgrounds come up with and a great chance to get new ideas”


  • clotilde:
    you are right
    i am wrong

    ash, please

  • Clotilde, great work in organising this edition! And, as you said, what a variety of tartines!

    If I may steal a bit of space here I just wanted to tell Wena, and clearly anyone else interested, that a new IMBB edition is already planned…

  • Hi Clotilde,

    Great job and idea! Of course, you are welcome to lunch any time!

  • Pim


    Désolé d’avoir été en retard, Clotilde. My dog ate my blog homework! Well, no, actually I injured myself yesterday on ski, brilliantly I might add, so the burning my blog bit slipped my mind a little.

    It is now properly burnt, if a bit late.

    Sorry again,

  • Thank you, Clotilde, for organizing this, and thank you, everyone, for such drool-worthy entries!! Most impressive, and inspiring.

  • Renee

    I would like to add my thanks too, Clotilde. I’ve been dreaming tartines since Sunday! Thanks again for being the inspiration.

  • Thanks to all for your kind words, it’s been a real pleasure coordinating this event, and I am very happy you were as entertained and inspired by this as I was!

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