Scallop Mango Tartlet Recipe

Tartelettes de Saint-Jacques à la Mangue

[Scallop Mango Tartlet]

What do you mean, you’re still trying to recover from the Christmas celebrations? Come on, New Year’s Eve is just around the corner, time to hit the ground running and plan for it!

If you intend to host a little dinner party but are still scratching your head about the menu, stop it: it’s bad for your scalp, and my latest piece on NPR’s website has a first course suggestion for you, offering a recipe for these delicate and delectable scallop tartlets.

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  • Papilles&Pupilles

    Wonderful ! It must be so good !

  • Colette

    OH ,GOOD!

  • mercotte

    C’est absolument superbe et la cuisson des St jacques est vraiment au top ! belle photo donc !

  • David

    Perfect! Simple and elegant and a treat for the eyes. This MUst be in the cookbook Clotilde!

  • Deanna

    What is puff pastry in France ? Looks wonderful …

  • clotilde

    Deanna – In French, puff pastry is pâte feuilletée: you can order it from your bakery, or buy it pre-rolled at the grocery store.

  • Deanna

    Thank you !

  • chef ’em out

    Looks and sounds like scrumpdiddlyumptious.

  • REnate

    Ummm, don’t know anyone intimidated by the thought of cooking scallops: easiest thing in the world to cook and takes only a few minutes.

    In the USA one cannot eat scallops raw as we do not get them in a very fresh state, and never in the shell. Also, most of our coastal waters have been infected by the hurricanes that hit the coasts this year.

  • Joan

    My daughter and I have decided to have a little celebration to mark the 250th anniversary of the dear Mozart’s birth…these tartlets will be on the menu!

    I hope that sooner than later the waters clear along that coastline…my warm wishes to all those still affected by the hurricane..

  • Diva Leigh

    Fabulous!! This will be perfect for the intimate New Year’s Eve celebration I am planning!

  • francofile

    Exquise! Merci.

  • Nicky

    Hi Clothilde,
    What an extravagant combination! I don’t know, if I would need the puff pastry, but the scallop-mango combination sounds like a perfect match! We did scallops for our Christmas Dinner (to start off with something small) and they were prepared in no time – yet sooo yummy.
    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas season and wish you all the best for 2006 :)

  • Elvira

    Quelle merveille!

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