August 2009 Desktop Calendar

August '09 Desktop Calendar

At the beginning of every month in 2009, I am offering C&Z readers a new desktop calendar, i.e. a wallpaper to apply on the desktop of your computer, with a food-related picture and a calendar of the current month.

Our desktop calendar for August is a picture of homemade rose-raspberry cupcakes — a vanilla cake base, a rose-flavored buttercream frosting, and a fresh raspberry on top.

The recipe for these easy cupcakes will be included in the August newsletter that will go out on Tuesday, August 4th. There’s still time to sign up!

Instructions to get your calendar are below.

Here’s how it works:

1- This link will open a new window (or tab) displaying the right wallpaper image for your screen.

2- Right-click (or ctrl-click for some Mac users) on the image, and chose the option that says, “Set as Desktop Background”, “Use as Desktop Picture,” or something to that effect — the exact wording will depend on the browser you use.

3- If the image does not fit your desktop background neatly, you may have to go to your preference screen (on a Mac: System Preferences > Desktop & Screen Saver > Desktop; on Windows: Control Panel > Display > Desktop) and choose “Fit to screen” as the display mode of your background image.

4- Enjoy, and see you in September for the next calendar!

[Note: Readers of this blog live all around the globe, and I am unable to provide localized versions of the desktop calendar at this point. This is why I opted for the international standard, which states that Monday is the first day of the week, and by which a large majority of countries abide.]

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  • That’s a very good idea. I’m thinking of writing a post in French about the cupcake craziness here in London and in the States. I know that French people start moving slowly to cupcake and I’m sure that France will be crazy about cupcakes soon.

  • Thank you!

  • I’m not sure how much work I’ll accomplish while having this photo as my desktop image. It’s just too darling to cover up with application interfaces…Thanks again :)

  • Laurie

    I love that you used these beautiful cupcakes for the month of my birthday! I’ve really enjoyed these desktop calendars.

  • Merci bien! The cupcakes are (and there’s only one word to describe them) CUTE!

  • Alix

    Mouthwatering! Bonjour aout, indeed!

  • Maria S

    These look so delicious. I want the recipe RIGHT NOW! Mostly because I have this bottle of rosewater in my kitchen that I’ve been meaning to use for cupcake frosting of all things. Now I can follow your recipe – providing you used rosewater also – w/o experimenting myself. Not that there is anything wrong w/ that.

  • Look at those cupcakes, those sweet, sweet cupcakes.

    I am inspired. And, even better, I was just at the market so I am loaded with fruit.

    Now, to bake. Something I rarely get to do at school (I’m a culinary school student).


  • Looks like a great calender.

  • John Norris

    “…. unable to provide localized versions of the desktop calendar …. I opted for the international standard, which states that Monday is the first day of the week ….”

    I admit to not having realised there was any other way to do it!

    Who on earth starts on another day? I suppose there are Islamic and I suppose Jewish calendars, but are they really used _internationally_?

    John Norris

  • VegeDeb

    Thank YOU for the awesome monthly calendar pics! Love ’em!

  • All – Glad you like that one!

    John – In the United States and in Japan, Sunday is considered the first day of the week.

  • Denise

    you were mentioned today!

  • Funny, just today I accidentally changed my desktop background to something really weird. And I need something new. Looks like I found it! Though it will make me non-stop hungry!

  • Theresa Scott

    I love your beautiful calendars .I believe I am desiring a taste of these exceptional little cakes. Thank you so much !!!!!!!!!, Theresa

  • Any chance the cupcakes contain lychee fruit like an Hermé Ispahan pastry?

  • Denise – Thanks for the heads-up!

    Gwendolyn – Indeed, you could carve out a little hollow space in the cake base and insert a half lychee in there to make an Ispahan cupcake. I have to say, though, I enjoy fresh raspberries so much when they’re in season that I am reluctant to give them competition inside a cupcake. :)

  • The simple complimentary flavors of rose and raspberry sound so fresh and yummy! I’m going to make these. Thanks for the recipe. I did make an Ispahan cake once but it was a bit too cloying, as I lean towards desserts that are less sweet. So, now that I think about it, I agree with your comment.

    Thanks for your dedication to putting out a consistent, uplifting blog.

  • I love this picture!

  • Liz – aka Nutty Gnome

    Hi Joey, well….I’m back from my wanderings around France (and from visiting Rob!) and find that you’ve been making even more delicious things – as if I’d not eaten enough on holiday!!!

  • Liz – aka Nutty Gnome

    Ooops – sorry, got confused about whose gorgeous recipes I was reading! Must still be tired from all that driving! Same comments apply though – your recipes are gorgeous!

  • Ohhhh, I love this picture!!! It is so fun! Thank you for doing this. It is like have a present at the beginning of every month. -Lily

  • Men

    Thanks for providing the calendar for us. But, you do realize that it is just going to help us get fat by reminding us how good those cupcakes would taste.

  • Marisa

    I hope I’m not too late for the August email. I want the rose buttercream recipe. I want it now! They look like perfection.

  • This is such a lovely idea! Thanks for the calendar. It’s on my desktop at work, making every one in the office want gorgeous cupcakes! Yum Yum Yum x

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