February 2009 Desktop Calendar

February '09 Desktop Calendar

At the beginning of every month in 2009, I will be offering C&Z readers a new desktop calendar, i.e. a wallpaper to apply on the desktop of your computer, with a seasonal food picture and a handy calendar of the current month.

Our desktop calendar for February sports a picture of an oeuf à la coque, with goat cheese and artichoke mouillettes on fresh baguette for dipping and mopping — those of you who have seen my cookbook are perhaps familiar with that one.

Instructions to get your calendar are below!

Here’s how it works:

1- This link will open a new window (or tab) displaying the right wallpaper image for your screen.

2- Right-click (or ctrl-click for some Mac users) on the image, and chose the option that says, “Set as Desktop Background”, “Use as Desktop Picture,” or something to that effect — the exact wording will depend on the browser you use.

3- If the image does not fit your desktop background neatly, you may have to go to your preference screen (on a Mac: System Preferences > Desktop & Screen Saver > Desktop; on Windows: Control Panel > Display > Desktop) and choose “Fit to screen” as the display mode of your background image.

4- Enjoy!

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  • Joan

    Those little sticks we call ‘soldiers’…memories from childhood..

  • Now that would be good for breakfast!

  • Adorable!

  • Keiko

    I absolutely love the desktop calendar idea. And love the February photo.

  • andrea

    thanx so much for the calendars!!! I’m always having to look for a calendar when i’m at my computer. You’re the best!!!

  • Susan

    Thanks for the February page! I’m making it my goal to cook the food in each month’s photos.

  • I haven’t had what we call a “soft boiled” egg for years, but have been craving one for some time now. With this staring at me every day, I bet I finally get around to making one before the end of February!

  • Jennifer

    Thanks for the lovely picture!

  • I loved the cookie picture all of January and this one too. It will have me striving to achieve the perfect boiled egg. Thanks!

  • Laura

    I love you calender idea. The picture is great, but even when it fills the screen I couldn’t read the numbers.

  • John

    Ah, eggs! And a perfect soft boiled one…bliss!

  • Wahoo ! ‘Eggs & Soldiers’ are my all-time favorite comfort food. It is the meal I start my mornings with a few times each week. Thanks for the calendar.

    BTW, I lower the egg into boiling water for exactly 5 minutes before removing it. It keeps the yoke the perfect consistency for dipping the toast soldiers. (I live at 6,500 ft above sea level, so would the cooking time be different at a lower altitude?)

  • What a great idea!! Love it!

  • Not only do you have fantastic recipes, but you have some beautiful photography too! Love the picture for February!

  • Yay! Was waiting for the next month’s delicious photo calendar… thanks again :-)

  • Dawn in CA

    Alas, my office has security features on our computers that won’t allow us to mess with our desktop images. :(

    But, you are a dear to offer! That photo is making me hungry… ;)

  • Love this! The background color rocks, and what a beautiful egg. :)

  • this is a great idea! always thinking…


  • Thank you so much, that is the sweetest gift. I love your cookbook too!!

  • Maggie

    The calendar is brilliant–a wonderful reminder C&Z. Just have to remember that the week starts on Monday unlike US calendars.

  • Love the desktop you created!

  • Lori Ann

    Eggs and soldiers! (Or, rather, that’s what we called them when I was a kid.) :-) Thanks for the beautiful desktop calendars–I’m really enjoying them!

  • louise

    Thanks so much Clotilde. February is even more fantastic now that I have your wallpaper. I downloaded this today and even though it’s over 35 degrees here in Australia I immediately put some water on to boil, and made 4 perfect boiled eggs.

  • Oh, lovely! I grew up eating soft-boiled eggs in iridescent porcelain egg cups. Not every day, just “for special.” I used to think there was little better than dunking warm toast into viscous, salted yolk. And now I see this. You’ve upped the ante. Goat cheese and artichoke it will be:)

  • Brenda

    I love the new calendar and your web site! However, I must point out that for your North American friends (I am Canadian), our week begins on a Sunday, not Monday, so the dates on your monthly calendars are out of synchronization with our regular calendars.

  • Thank you for the lovely desktop calendars! It’s been a great way to keep up-to-date with such beautiful photos. Plus, I haven’t had the time to shop for a calendar for 2009, so it worked out perfectly.

  • Dan Dx

    Great picture, as usual!
    About soft boiled eggs, 4 min cooking, OK. But I remember that when I was kid hourglasses counted 3 min only… Am I wrong? Maybe the nature of eggs or the speed of time changed? Who knows…

  • Great! Thank you very much.

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