October 2010 Desktop Calendar

October 2010 Desktop Calendar

At the beginning of every month, I am offering C&Z readers a new wallpaper to apply on the desktop of your computer, with a food-related picture and a calendar of the current month.

Our calendar for October is a picture of a cheese platter featuring — from left to right — an ash-coated goat cheese from the Deux-Sèvres, a Pont-l’Evêque from Normandy, and a Pérail des Cabasses, a sheep’s milk cheese from Aveyron.

To learn more about assembling a French-style cheese platter, you can check the article I wrote on cheese courses for NPR.

Instructions to get your calendar are below!

Here’s how it works:

1- This link will open a new window (or tab) displaying the right wallpaper image for your screen.

2- Right-click (or ctrl-click for some Mac users) on the image, and chose the option that says, “Set as Desktop Background”, “Use as Desktop Picture,” or something to that effect — the exact wording will depend on the browser you use.

3- If the image does not fit your desktop background neatly, you may have to go to your preference screen (on a Mac: System Preferences > Desktop & Screen Saver > Desktop; on Windows: Control Panel > Display > Desktop) and choose “Fit to screen” as the display mode of your background image.

4- Enjoy!

[Note: Readers of this blog live all around the globe, and I am unable to provide localized versions of the desktop calendar at this point. This is why I’ve opted for the international standard, by which a large majority of countries abide, and which states that Monday is the first day of the week.]

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  • les figues fraiches! i have recently fallen in love with them.

  • Beautiful picture as always…

  • i love your calendars, Clotilde! Happy October!

  • oooh! I love the figs! I think this one is my favorite so far!

  • hmmm I like this calendar. Thanks for sharing.

  • Velia Antila

    The figs on my tree are almost ready!!!
    This months calendar is the best! Thank you.

  • Wonderful background! I love the combination of colours — I’ve been skipping the previous two wallpapers — too uniformly deep red and deep blue, and a bit on the cluttered side (too many repetitions of one kind of objects).

    This month’s is a refreshing change, and more in line with past wallpapers :)

  • Sherlie

    Thank you for another beautiful calendar. I wish I had a fig tree.

  • Just made it my wallpaper!

  • Liz Thomas

    I agree, this is by far the best, I too found the dark blues and red difficult pn the eye!

    Thanks, it’s lovely


  • Tony

    Just wanted to say “Thanks”

  • SP

    I look forward to the new calendar everything month and this one is my favorite since you’ve started this! Thanks!

  • Thank you! What a lovely way to start the day dreaming of french cheeses…

  • Figs and cheese, a match made in heaven…

  • wwwaaaa….
    i can’t make this my wallpaper coz’ it will make me hungry every time i look at my desktop.
    sssooooo tempting…

    great pic btw.:D

  • This looks delicious! Thank you for the lovely background. This wallpaper is really inviting. It gives me a pleasant feeling. I love it. You deserve a cookie :-)

  • Wow! I love it.

  • These are really lovely! What a great idea!

  • What a beautiful pictures! Cheese plates are so perfect for October (of course they’re also perfect for November, December, January, February, etc)

  • Missy

    Such a delicious way to start my day when I boot up my computer.

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