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Perfect Madeleines
Perfect Madeleines

Madeleines have long eluded me. I have spent a good portion of my baking life collecting various recipes and giving […]

  • 75
  • July 8, 2014
One-Egg Omelet
The One-Egg Omelette

My favorite kind of cookbook is the kind that provides you with exciting little jolts of “Why didn’t I think […]

  • 23
  • January 21, 2014

These days our produce guy is all about tomatoes — big and small, ribbed, smooth, or pointy, red, yellow, green, […]

  • 59
  • August 20, 2013
Apple and Maple Yogurt Cake
Apple and Maple Yogurt Cake

A year ago today, my sister gave birth to a healthy baby boy; the next morning, Maxence and I were […]

  • 69
  • March 17, 2009
Perfect Hard-Boiled Eggs
Perfect Hard-Boiled Eggs

This is a recipe I got from David Tanis’ A Platter of Figs and Other Recipes. I realize that naming […]

  • 68
  • January 13, 2009
Chiffon Cake
Chiffon Cake

When Maxence and I lived in California at the turn of the century, we liked to visit a small shop […]

  • 62
  • August 13, 2008
Egg Custard

I don’t really do milk. I don’t drink it, I don’t cook with it, I don’t add it to my […]

  • 52
  • January 26, 2007
Smoked Paprika Potato Salad

[Smoked Paprika Potato Salad] Although bread is without a doubt the carb I’d have the most trouble giving up, the […]

  • 29
  • January 8, 2007
Small Brioches

Petites brioches Amongst the many good things a food blog will do to you, is this one: even when you […]

  • 40
  • March 27, 2006
Egg in Aspic

[Egg in Aspic] And today, let me introduce you to one of the quirky wonders of old-school French charcuterie: the […]

  • 31
  • February 8, 2006
French Crêpes

February 2 is La Chandeleur (Candlemas), a holiday that welcomes the first signs of spring. In France, it is traditionally […]

  • 50
  • February 7, 2005
Soft-boiled egg with red pesto bread soldiers
Soft-Boiled Egg, Red Pesto Bread Soldiers

Oeuf à la Coque, Mouillettes Rouges The Oeuf à la Coque: one of the simplest pleasures in life. It is […]

  • 25
  • October 1, 2004
Quail eggs

Quail eggs : one of nature’s smallest wonders! The beautiful thing with these teeny tiny eggs, is that they all […]

  • 5
  • August 28, 2004
Leek and Ricotta Frittata

Food never tastes as good as when you are really hungry. And although the temptation is strong to just grab […]

  • 9
  • March 26, 2004

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