Meine Wunderschöne Gebäck-Presse

Meine Wunderschöne Gebäck-Presse

Please meet my new beautiful friend, the cookie press! Personally imported from Germany by my sister, and an awesome Christmas present for the kitchen toy addict that I am. You should have heard me squealing with joy, kneeling at the foot of the tree!

It comes complete with a full set of cute little cookie shapes and an instructions booklet – hilarious in its French translation – that includes recipes. There is even a special attachment to fill Berliners, those little jelly donuts JFK identified himself so well with! What more could I want?

The process is this : you roll the cookie dough into a log, put the log inside the cylinder, pick the shape you like best, and start cranking away above an ungreased cookie sheet, dropping little blobs of dough that will bake into the chosen shape. You can even use two colors of dough for beautiful effects.

Needless to say, this will be put to good use soon, very soon. Stay tuned!

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  • Céline

    I’m really glad and flattered that my cookie press has had the honor of being introduced to everyone on your site ! :-)

    Actually, such a press is quite common in Germany, where they bake a lot of such little cookies (Weihnachtsgebäck) during the weeks preceding Christmas… The young lady in the shop told me her mother had one and was very happy about it ! Which did convince me to buy it for you ! ;-)

    Looking forward to trying the cookies you’ll make with it !

    And I wish a happy new year to all your readers !


  • Deb

    Hi Clotilde-
    Congratulations on your new cookie press! I look forward to reading all about your adventures in cookie making with it. I have one too, which I used once, I’m sure you’ll inspire me to use mine again once I see the wonderful things you are making with yours. Have a Happy New Year!

  • What a great gift, Céline! Well chosen. I’m pleased about this, because I’m not very good at making homemade cookies (they either are too soft or too hard), and I hope Clotilde will be posting her cookie recipes for me to try.

    Happy new year to you, too, Céline — and Clotilde, Maxence, et al!

  • Ooh! This inspires me to dust off my cookie press. Let us know if you end up with a favorite type of dough to use in it. -h

  • Céline – it was the least I could do, really, to give this thoughtful present its 15 minutes of fame! :)

    Deb – somehow I’m not surprised that you own such a cool tool! Happy new year to you and Tom and your family!

    Jackie – count on me for the posting of cookie recipes! Happy new year!

    Heidi – I think I will try the recipes given in the little booklet first. My “research” seems to show that you can’t use any type of dough, it has to have the right consistency to work with the press, so I’ll stay within the recommended recipes before I go crazy!

  • Valerie

    Hi Clotilde!

    This tool is very common over here in the states, too. I have always used my mother’s cookie press, but this year, my husband got me one for Christmas! I tried the Eggnog Spritz recipe on this thread and the cookies came out great. There are a bunch of other GREAT tried and true recipes on this thread, if you want to start your cookie press adventures here.

  • Val – Thank you so much for pointing me to this thread! I had run a search on the CLBB, that’s how I knew that not every dough worked with the press, but somehow I hadn’t seen this one!

  • Kim

    I received a cookie press as a gift a couple of years ago and have yet to try it out. There are always so many kinds of cookies I want to make during the holidays, so I never get around to making spritzes. There’s a recipe that includes almond paste on the thread mentioned above that might be good. I guess there’s no reason to wait for the holidays.

  • Kim – yes, the white house spritz cookies sounded good to me, too. And I agree, anytime’s a good time to bake cookies! Hope you dig out your cookie press and report back!

  • How funny! My husband and I were just talking about “spritz cookies” (as I called them when I was little). My grandparents are German, so these were made in my house often when I was growing up. I was just going to call my parents to see if they could loan me their cookie press….

    It’s really a super easy way of making cute and yummy cookies. It’s almost like cheating….

  • Jenny – that’s synchronicity! So do you have a family recipe to share? :)

  • Um…maybe! I didn’t even think about that. Let me bug my parents and find out what we used to use….I’ll report back.

  • Jenny – Oh, please do! Family recipes are usually the best, and parents are here for the bugging! ;)

  • Hande

    love your site. will soon send soup receipe! In the mean time, can’t stand to read about the “foodprocessor” in your soup recipes. You need one of these:
    I have very good experiences with one! No mess, quick, practical.

  • Hande – Well, indeed, this would be really nice! Less washing up to do, too. Straight up on my want list it goes!

  • I have one of these, although it’s languishing in a draw, all sad and unused. You’ve inspired me to resurrect it. Can you recommend a good cookie dough to use?

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