My Sharp Little Friend

My Sharp Little Friend

I am proud to introduce you to my latest acquisition, The Mighty Mandoline! It had been on my I-want-this-so-much list for quite a while, and my parents offered that it be their birthday gift to me. My sister and I paid a little Saturday morning visit to Dehillerin and picked it up, in addition to, I’ll admit, a few other thingies that we really needed too.

I came home and immediately put it to good use (after reluctantly making myself peruse the instructions — who has time for that?), making beautiful julienned zucchini (what else?) for a marinated zucchini and goat cheese salad I was taking to a potluck dinner at Pascale‘s (recipe on its way).

With its sharp blade, its ribbed blade and its set of four little “combs” of varying widths, my mandoline offers infinite possibilities, and it certainly promises endless hours of fun and entertainment, as I fill the kitchen with tiny bits of vegetables in all shapes, colors and sizes.

I am particularly baffled by the crinkle-cut method, and I must warn you, it is very much possible that I enter a mandatory phase of crinkle-cutting everything I lay my hands on.

When my parents sent a cheque for me to buy my present, my father included a little cartoon. It shows an Italian cook playing the mandoline, and saying : “Per la cucina, ma qué, y a rien dé tel qu’ouna bella mandolina!” (in mock-Italian : “for the kitchen, nothing beats a beautiful mandoline!”). I have to agree.

Merci Papa et Maman!

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  • I see that “ma qué” (macché) is always the favourite word for a French who wants to perform his Italian Style…. :-)

  • Maman

    Je suis bien contente que tu aies trouvé la mandoline de tes rêves (j’avais peur que Dehillerin soit fermé en août…). Y a-t-il un système de sécurité pour ne pas couper les doigts en même temps que les courgettes ?

  • I too just bought my mandolin last week though I have yet to open the box! I am a reader of your blog, Clotilde, keep up the good work! Your red onion and rhubarb mini-tartlets looked so pretty and I would love to try to make them one day.

  • Congratulations with your new mandoline! For more safety, a Gourmet magazine reader recently recommended wearing rubber gloves when using it. I think it is pretty wise!

  • I like your dad’s drawing! Especially the teeth.

  • Erika

    I use my mandoline all the time to make julienned zucchini. The thin julienne, sauteed very briefly (just until the skin turns bright green and it starts to relax, 2-3 minutes at most) is a wonderful spaghetti substitute, especially in tomato or cheese sauces. It’s also good if you add in some thinly sliced onions. It’s pretty good with sesame-peanut sauce, too.

  • Véronique

    Hello Clotilde!
    L’épicerie portuguaise dont je parlais est située rue de l’Abbé Groult ds le 15e, je n’ai pas le n° en tête, mais d’après mon plan et mes souvenirs, c’est côté impair aux alentours du n° 65! Ils ont des Pasteis de Nata frais le vendredi et le samedi. Côté horaires, je crois que c’est un peu fantaisiste…!
    Bonne chance si tu tentes l’expédition!
    A bientôt

  • I love my el cheapo version of the mandoline. For $20 I picked up a plastic version that isn’t infinitely adjustable like a good all-metal one, but which offers enough variation with the three two-sided inserts that it’s done everything I’ve needed one for.

    I’ve had it for three years now, and it’s still sharp as can be. If you can’t afford the really nice mandolines, the plastic ones are perfectly serviceable.

  • Super tool, I must get one too. Thanks again for your zucchini salad which was great. It keeps very well too and we ate the leftover yesterday with great pleasure.

  • pipstar

    I forecast mandoline sales booming around the world :-) What a lovely little gadget!

  • christoph

    I have a little task for your mandoline: raw beetroot in juliennes mixed with equal amounts of radis noir (black horseradish) in juliennes, add the juice of one lime, two spoones of olive oil and some salt and pepper. The two flavors mix perfectly with each other, giving a sweet earthy tone of the salad.

  • Jennifer

    Ever since I saw Martha Stewart crinkle and waffle-cutting potatoes on her show, I was hooked! I bought a cheap Japanese mandoline 2 years ago and use it all the time. Have fun with yours!!

  • Such Fond Memories flood back..
    I loved having a one on one class with my former exec chef Patty Canales’.

    it included such wonderful tips as,
    turn a 1/4 turn when making Julliened Fries
    for a beautiful presentation.

    I use it often for radishes, carrots
    and of course jicama salad.
    what self indulgent cook could
    live without her mandolin ?

    dare I ask..

    Cheers and Bon Appetit Mes Aimes !

    ~RE Ausetkmt
    Honeychiles Kitchen
    a spicy traveling kitchen review

  • Zan

    rhubarb and red onion minitartlets? Did I read that correctly? That sounds awesome! Would you repost a link or something?

    I love your recipes!

  • Zan – If you type “rhubarb” in the search box (in the left navigation bar), you’ll find that recipe! Or, you could click on the “recipe index” link to the left, and browse all.

  • Big Marlene

    I just luv my mandoline. I cant get enuff of it. My favourite tune is one by the french composer Junes Fild. Im startin my own band up and hope u will here of us in the future….

  • Chippychap

    I am staring at the scars on my knuckles as I write.
    Wearing rubber gloves only means you’ll have skin blood AND rubber in the food.
    Brian Turner uses a T-Towell (cloth)as a guard, at least you only have to pick out bits of cotton.
    Most come with a proper guard, it is NOT wussy to use it.
    If it moves eat it, if it doesn’t slice it.

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