The Potato Brush’s Grand Debut

The Potato Shaped Potato Brush

Due to overwhelming popular demand, I hereby present, drumroll please… the unbelievable, the phenomenal, the incredible… Potato Shaped Potato Brush! [Loud applause]

It is small and it is cute! It’s a she and she is shy! Please reserve The Brush your warmest welcome! [Roaring applause]

An amazing con artist, she was discovered by our talent scout, hidden in a basket of confusingly similar brushes!

Shaped like a potato, she’ll scrub your potato! She’ll entertain you and dazzle you with her favorite trick, in which she hides in the sink among all the other potatoes, waiting for you to pick it up by mistake, ready to peel it! Your kitchen will resound with her infectious and bubbling laughter! Your life will be transfigured! Talent and beauty will be yours! You will never have a bad hair day again! Or bang your little toe on the table leg!

And then you’ll realize how badly you need a break! And you’ll fly off to Madrid for a couple of days! To visit friends and buy Spanish food! And you’ll wish your readers a lovely week-end! And leave it at that!

[The ringmaster somersaults and disappears in a puff of smoke.]


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  • Have a wonderful weekend in saffron country, Clotilde! Enjoy the sights, sounds and most especially the tastes, hehehe! :)

  • Oh, thank you for the photo! It is, indeed, adorable! Have a wonderful time in Madrid! Eat croquettas till you’re sick!

  • nattie

    Does she have a name? Mustn’t let the poor little potato brush run around without a name!

  • It sort of looks like a terrifying mutation of a potato and a caterpillar. Like all those little brush-legs are going to start wiggling and it’s going to scamper away under the sofa!

  • mlle. potato brush is everything you lead us to believe. i must also say that i am so impressed by the lighting effects and the gymnastics of your presentation!

  • Alisa

    Have a wonderful time!

  • Hande

    Have a grand time in Madrid! Eat croquettas and pimientos di piquilla and……

  • hilary

    Did you know that there are little matching corn brushes and mushroom brushes, as well? Have a good time in Spain, lucky girl.

  • I just bought myself one of these! And I was so excited to have it, too. “Look!” I cried to my husband. “I’m finally buying myself a potato brush!” And oh, did he not care.

  • How cute! A potato brush.

    I do hope you have a good time in Spain.

  • Is it the fact, that I am really sleepy or does that potatoe brush; bear a strange resemblance to the Leader’s nose, that Woody Allen’s character steals in his movie, “Sleeper.” ( )

  • Patrick

    The Potato-shaped Potato Brush (Potatoforma Terraemalum Peniculus) is an interesting example of Darwinian-based adaptation by mimicry in kitchenlife. It is superficially similar to that of stick-insects such as the Phyliidae, the Phasmatidae or the Timemalidae, to name but the most familiar to the readers. But it raises an apparent paradox to the student: the stick-insects evolved mimicry to escape the predators, whereas the Potato-shaped Potato Brush seems to invite predation, by running a risk of being peeled and ending up as a handful of chips (with small brushes attached), as Clotilde described. This paradox is easily resolved: see Dawkins” “The Extended Phenotype”, Oxford University Press 1982, Chapter 4: “Arms Races and Manipulations”.

  • Thanks everyone, The Brush (for it is her name) was very pleased to meet you! She has now regained the peace of the kitchen sink rim, where she admits to feel a lot more comfortable.

  • the brush has regained her self esteem and confidence as she enjoys her rightful place in the kitchen. i think our job is done. long live mlle. brush.

    (have you noticed that “the brush” and “the dalai lama” have the same first name? coincidence? i think not.)

  • I am in awe of the greatness of the Potato Brush.

  • lauren

    I thing your potato brush could find love with this mushroom brush:

    Aww! ;)

  • Lauren – I showed that photo to The Brush, and boy, she can’t talk about anything or anyone else now! I’m hoping to set up a first date for them soon… :)

  • Lani

    Can someone please tell me where I can buy that potato brush?

  • Lani – Someone had posted a link to the Kitchen Etc. web store, but apparently it is going out of business so, sorry, no other suggestion!

  • nancy deane

    hi i think the potato brush is a great idea i was just wondering where you can buy them.i live in tasmania post code 7011

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