Off to Cannes!

Majestic Hotel

I will be in Cannes for a few days to attend the Gourmet Voice conference, the first world festival of gourmet media, where I will be speaking about C&Z and food blogs.

In my absence, don’t eat all the chocolate, be good, and don’t forget to brush your teeth!

  • Seattle Bon Vivant

    That’s fabulous Clotilde! Have fun, take lots of pictures and network, network, network! Bon voyage!

  • Edwinek

    The sacrifices you bring for your blog…

  • may

    goodluck in the competition! just subscribed to your newsletter!!

  • Karen

    That sounds fantastic! Look where this blog has taken you. Makes me think that movie isn’t really too far in the offing. :-)

  • monkey

    separation anxiety!! i’m having separation anxiety! chocolate will help.

    have a glorious time clotilde. i am eager to hear of your new culinary adventures.

  • Adrian

    Say hi to Ferran and Joel!

  • Adrian

    Not forgetting Heston, of course..

  • Emanuele

    Buon Viaggio!

  • writersbloc gal

    oooh, sounds lovely – enjoy the conference :) and the warm(er) weather.

  • bluepoppy

    Oh la la lalala LAH!

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