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Maxence and I are leaving today on a much-deserved (I would say that, wouldn’t I) vacation, during which we will drive around the South-West of France. No definite plans as of yet, we will just head whichever way the roadsigns sound interesting and the food looks good. We like a little improvisation in our roadtrips (read: we had no time whatsoever to sit down and make said plans).

I most likely won’t have any internet access during that time (and that’s the whole point, no?) but in the meantime, following the examples of Heidi and Josh before me, I have scheduled the republication of a few posts from autumns past for your enjoyment.

Be well and see you when I return, rested and refreshed!

Things Clotilde Loves

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The French Market Cookbook
The French Market Cookbook

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  • Enjoy your vacation.

  • Joan

    Dearest Clotilde and Maxence ~ wishing you days of joyous discoveries…resting times when needed…and French skies to take your breaths away ~ bon voyage!oh and delicious flavours too…

  • rest and enjoy!! it will give me some time to try some of your recipes!!

  • What a lovely out of office. No wonder your blog is so successfull – you are just brilliant. Have a fabulous break the two of you.

  • Have a wonderful vacation, you two.

  • Enjoy your travels Clotilde.

  • Mary

    Clotilde and Maxence…..wishing you many good memories of travels and good food to bring back wonderful to your loyal readers!!

  • Swan

    Enjoy yourselves enormously, and we’ll keep the talking and cooking going over here…

  • Birds? Isn’t that dangerous?

  • You do deserve your rest. Enjoy it, deliciously. We’ll be here when you return.

  • Hillary Davis

    Enjoy your holiday and congratulations on the book! I used to live in France and miss it very much so you feed my soul every day…thank you!

  • Formidable. There is nothing better than a good road trip. Have a great one!

    all best,

  • bonnes vacances à vous deux. Que les hasards de la route vous fassent découvrir plein de belles choses…

  • victoria

    Geese are pretty.

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