San Francisco Get-Together: A Reminder

Left Turn Signal

We are still on the road — somewhere between Texas and California — but I wanted to remind you about the C&Z get-together in San Francisco this Monday. Here are the details, I hope you can join us!

When? Monday, July 10th.
Where? Place Pigalle in San Francisco, located at 520 Hayes Street (@ Octavia).
What time? We will be there from 7pm.

[Important note: The initial plan was to meet in Palo Alto, but the location has been changed to SF.]

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  • Joan

    even though my cocoon will be in Australia, my spirit is already at Place Pigalle! Can imagine all the beaming smiles, the glasses raised, and the eyes alight with joy….I wish you all a simply wondrous time..hugs

  • Donna Smith-Harrison

    I cab;t wait for the 10th! I am so looking forward to it!

    Also, want to recommend a resto in Albuquerque, if you happen to get there. Graze at 3128 Central S.E. is a lovely little small plates restaurant with a unique approach to local produce. (the bar attached to Graze is Gulp – which tickled me!). The chef is Jennifer James. She also runs the eopnymous resto Jennifer James – a much more high end, white table cloth sort of place.

    Hope your enjoying your odyssey!

  • Joan

    an odyssey ~ what a lovely thought ~ a journey of discoveries, how well I can imagine the two travellers doing that…so open to discovery!

  • sam

    allez les bleues. Encore! Hopefully we will have much to celebrate on Monday evening.
    Bisous x

  • Marie

    Why not come to Los Angeles? :D

    Tell me, how are my fellow Americans treating our dear Clothilde and Maxence? Well, I presume.

    Very well, they had better!

  • Zut…I will miss seeing you at Pigalle…up at a writers conference in Squaw Valley…enjoy, bon appetit and hope we’re celebrating France’s victory!

  • owen

    see you monday!

  • lucy

    i’ll be there, PIgalle is a few blocks away from where i live!! à lundi!!

  • I can’t believe I will actually be in SF on 7/12 and will just miss your get together. Pooh!!!! But you must email me if you get close to Atlanta — or have you already been there??

  • Elisia

    Hi Clotilde, this is Elisia from the coffee shop in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana. I hope your road trip goes well and you enjoy all the sites. You have to e-mail me about what you thought of the boat tour and the food here. If you ever come back to Louisiana please stop by the coffee shop. It was a pleasure to have met you and Max. Your site is wonderful by the way. Have fun and stay safe.

  • So looking forward to it!

  • Diane

    Clotilde, we would love to hear about your adventures! For those of us who can’t be in SF, maybe you could share some highlights in an entry in the near future. Hope you’re having a great time!

  • AmyBee

    Agh! It’s 7pm and I’m just across the SF Bay from Pigalle – groan. Kids in the bath, about to try cooking up some tilapia with buttermilk/cornmeal coating and I want to jump up and run to SF. Oh well. Thanks for being such an inspiration for this foodie and for the vicarious visits to Paris. I would have loved to meet you. Have a wonderful visit!
    On U.S. road trips: Have you heard of Blue Highways by William Least Heat Moon? He travels the highways and backroads of the US rating cafes by the number of business sponsored calendars on the walls (with the idea that locals like the place.) I had a fabulous vegetable soup with cornbread in a 12-calendar cafe in a small Oregon town (the ladies’ was papered with posters of Elvis.)
    Hope CA treats you and Maxence well.

  • Nico

    Oh of course!!!! It’s 10pm and I just now see this! Palo Alto was out for me, since I don’t have a car…but Pigalle is like 10 minutes away from me…it would have been nice to meet you, since I am quite enamored with Chocolate & Zucchini…such is life….I need something rich to console me and a bubble bath! Hope you’re having fun!

  • Carolyn

    I had such a good time last night, meeting Clotilde and some of her very funny and smart readers at Pigalle! Thanks so much for organizing the meet and greet, Clotilde, and for spending some time with us in San Francisco. Have a great trip home!

  • It was great to catch up with you and Maxence! Thanks for toasting our birthdays with us. Glad to hear you enjoy birthday celebrations. Hope you have a great trip back to Paris. Enjoy your souvenirs. I’ll post some suggestions on how to use them. It was also nice to meet other C&Z fans!
    Anni :-)

    PS I will email photos… :-)

  • Jer

    Next trip : Canada…. Doesn’t everyone in France love Canada?? You should definitely come up here next time (Ontario in particular!)

  • Aw I wish I lived in SF.


  • Nasia

    Clotilde, it was such a pleasure to meet you and talk with you about your upcoming book and your experiences of the American South via automobile! It’s so wonderful to see a face and hear a voice to go along with the ever-inspiring blog I read so frequently.
    warm regards,

  • Shucks, I saw this a week ago and meant to stop down- I, too, live mere blocks away. How is the rest of you and Maxence’s trip getting on? Are you still in SF?

    In any case, sounds like you had lots of fun, best of luck in your travels!

  • Well done!

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