Chocolate & Zucchini (Edition britannique)

[UK edition: Published by Marion Boyars Publishers]

This is the British edition of my first cookbook. It is distributed in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

The recipes in this edition use the metric system. I oversaw the conversions myself, based on the notes I took as I was testing the recipes. Because they were issued by different creative teams and targeted at different markets, the two editions have different layouts and covers (both soft). The UK version is also a little larger in size.

An engaging, inspiring look at how young Parisians cook today.

A few cultural and spelling adjustments have been made, but the content is 99% the same. There is one recipe in the US version that is not in the UK version, and two recipes in the UK version that are not in the US version — I’ll let you figure out which!

« [Dusoulier] is one of the hottest new talents on the culinary scene. Her first cookbook is a fresh and idiosyncratic take on her intimate foodie memories, plus 70 new recipes that you won’t find on the blog. » — Delicious.

« With mouthwatering photography and delightful background stories to the origins of each dish, this is a surefire winner for foodies and francophiles alike. » — Postcards Magazine

For more press and reviews, please refer to the page for the US edition.

Chocolate & Zucchini

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